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  1. This sounds like a very good practice, I will be adopting it. And thanks for the links!!
  2. Thank you all for the good advice.     In my legally naive phase of game development I was grabbing everything I wanted, and I grew attached to some of it, and I dread having to replace it all. 
  3. http://www.3dtexture.net/   No terms of use, no contact, title of the page is "Free 3d texture gallery". The intent seems clear, for people to use these textures for their own creations.    I guess I am confused about the legal ramifications of using sites like these, which have not adopted any CC licences, but are nevertheless clearly giving away their content for the ad revenue. 
  4. That doesn't work because the first greaterThan is mixing a vec and a bvec, and in any case I want a vec out of it, not a bvec.
  5. I'm confused about bvecs. What can you do with them? Is their only use in the expressions if (any(bvec)) and if (all(bvec))? I would like to efficiently generate a vector B from another vector A, where B.n is 1. if n is the largest component of A, and 0. otherwise. so {0.1, 0.2, 0.8., 0.} -> {0., 0., 1., 0.} I would like to do something like (greaterThan(A, A.yzwx) & greaterThan(A, A.zwxy) & greaterThan(A, A.wxyz)).ToFVec()... but of course it doesn't work that way...
  6. Then get an iPhone 3GS. There is no such thing as “comparable hardware”. Not even the iOS Simulator is comparable (its OpenGL ES 2 implementation is emulated in software, and provides no hardware support). There are numerous hardware differences that matter, including deferred tile-based rendering which eliminates overdraw (your GeForce card will not perform this) and a unified memory model which eliminates bus transfers to the graphics card. iOS devices have a virtual memory system but no paging system. Even threading is not the same. The point is that the only hardware that is like an iPhone 3GS is an iPhone 3GS. If you want to develop for one, get one. L. Spiro [/quote] I'm aware that they are quite different, but they are not so different that optimizing one will harm the other. What I meant by "comparable" is that if I can get one to run at 60hz, the other probably will as well, or at least be most of the way there. Does that sound about right? Really I want to find every excuse possible to stay in my cozy pc development environment
  7. Are you buying an AMD system for their opengl es support? If so I would advise against it. The last driver update broke it, at least for me, so after hours of pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my game stopped working I switched to ANGLE, which has worked very well so far.
  8. I had the idea of installing a second pci video card (geforce fx5200) in my pc... my baseline, least common denominator platform is a 3gs, and I want to test my game's performance on roughly comparable hardware, as I develop it. Ideally I would like to hook up my main video card with dvi and the second with vga, and be able to easily toggle between the two. Is this feasible? Do other people do this? Or would I be entering a world of headaches? My os is Windows 7.
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