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    Hard lessons

    Highly informative and interesting. Thank you very much for this nice article :)
  2. I think the 3 points of Jastiv resumed well my opinion. MMO have been created to give something really huge and unique to the players.   (Of course take the numbers with a lot of salt)   So in terms of numbers there should be at least 1000 players on a server. Why 1000 ? because a MMO with less then 1000 players feels really empty or small even for a MMORTS.    It may be possible to have 64 players at one location. 64 players because it has been possible to have 64 players at one location since (at least) the tribes series so there is nothing huge if it's not the case (and tribes is really old now and it's not a MMO). Of course it may vary depending on the type of the game.   Not instantiated world like Diablo as it has been said Jastiv, and so the world must persistent in some way. Again if you look at my definition if the game is only a multiplayer game with a lot of players that doesn't sound right. The persistent aspect of the MMO goes well with their goal (give something huge and unique to the players). It's so huge, it becomes a (virtual) world, which is very appealing. It's like a player dream in a way.
  3. Rakilonn

    Managing Decoupling

    Great article as usual :)
  4. Rakilonn

    State Machines in Games

    Great tutorial ! I would gladly upvote it twice just for the introduction to the data-driven programming.
  5. Rakilonn

    this is the beginning of the end.

    BitMaster sumed up what I wanted to say.   I will just add that on every forum there are trolls, so don't be surprised if someone is offensive (especially in programming where errors can be easily seen).   But for the majority of threads I read, I think the community is great, helps a lot (even with harsh words) and there are even some real gems. :)
  6. Rakilonn

    Torque3D now....FREE? Woah... 0_o

    Free and opensource :) that's the interesting part :)   For those who want to dig in the Id source codes, Fabien Sanglard did some great reviews. http://fabiensanglard.net/
  7. Rakilonn

    Becoming an Artist

    If you really want to be an artist and work on PC, you should take a graphics tablet. Drawing with the mouse on PC is really a pain even when you are a good artist. Wacom is well known for that and they have a tablet for beginners : the "Bamboo" model. Don't take a huge one. I took one and I only use a small portion of it. Of course, as it has been said you can also draw on paper and scan the drawing to color it. The best pixel art tutorial I found, is this one : http://makegames.tumblr.com/post/42648699708/pixel-art-tutorial For pixel art there is also this website : http://www.pixeljoint.com/default.asp (go in the gallery and enjoy ) Here is my advises : Try to build your drawing with basic forms like a line for the vertebral column and a oval for the head. Something like this : Found on http://www.foxprints.com/tracy/misc/tutorial/char_drawing.html You can use his basic forms, they are very good and common. It's important for anyone because if you constantly start with the details, you will realize that you will not be able to draw something with an original position/point of view. Learn how to draw something with the perspective. Learn anatomy and proportions. Copy shamelessly your favorite artists BUT always start with the basic shapes (as mention above) or you will learn barely nothing. And of course draw a lot.   When you are comfortable with these points (especially the anatomy) you must take a big book of Burne Hogarth. This artist has an old style sometime, but it will give a real deep knowledge about anatomy and muscles (and how to draw them properly).
  8. Rakilonn

    Why are simulaton games fun?

    Oh I jumped on that thread thinking that it was about games like Arma 3 :D   But for SimCity, as Mratthew said it, it's because it's like a simulation of life, and everything is moving, improving (or not) and alive by itself. And this sense of live is fascinating and hard to render sometimes.   For the new SimCity, I heard that it was badly rendered (citizen go to sleep in the shortest house) but for games like SimCity 2000 and also Holiday Island it was good. Especially Holiday Island because you were able to follow cars. If you want to try a SimCity-like, give it a try :)   Also I heard that Cities XL is better rendered for this where you can view where every people go to work with the path, by clicking on their houses.
  9. If you had implemented some websites, you would though that flash is awesome because the result is consistent for everyone.   On the other hand, sometime I hate doing this type of things (i.e. HTML/CSS coding) sometimes, because at the end if you want to do something great it's full of hacks and anything can brake after a patch of a web browser. (Recently, that happens to me with chrome which now doesn't want to render a transition properly)
  10. Oh thank you I didn't know this one was released. There is also this one : http://documents.latimes.com/bungie-activision-contract/ about the upcoming Destiny series.
  11. Ah finally D: So it was just a matter of time. The last time I was interested in the esport for SC2, KeSPA said a big 'no' for SC2 and there was only GomTV which broadcast SC2 matches. And I think it's better this way. Sure SC1 was really well balanced for the progamers and all that, but it's kind retrograde to not move in the new versions when they are quite good.
  12. Rakilonn

    Women vs Tropes in Video Games

    Also, do you really need to repeat this tired old cliche?  Actually, back in this thread (http://www.gamedev.net/topic/639144-sony-and-the-ps4-im-impressed-your-thoughts/page-3) you were rightly criticizing the stereotyping of men as "sex-hungry dolts".  So why the change?     Why turn this at the extreme case ? For what I know most fathers and mothers say that the best thing that happens in their live is the coming of their little babies. So yes the live is more fun when there are men and women. 
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