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  1. K4nkur0u

    Game Design Theory Podcast

    I've been listening to these all day at work. Thanks for posting this!
  2. Thanks guys, makes perfect sense.
  3. Just as the title says. Lets say I am programming a game from scratch in C++, when should I use multi-threading or when not? I don't have much experience on the subject. Thanks
  4. A common piece of advice people give me to get a job at an established studio is to network. I never want to feel like "that guy" who runs around and sucks up to people only to give them his business card. I have a few questions that I think could help many others: How do you network? Is is wrong to just talk to random people and say "what do you do"? How exactly does one meet friends in the industry? Obviously GDC and E3 are the two giant gatherings. What are other events, meetups or even websites people can visit to network? At a GDC or E3, what type of networking is most effective? Who should we talk to? Should we hang out in the career section or traverse the floors? Any other advice would be helpful. I'm not coming from an "advance my career" standpoint, I would like to make industry friends to chat with/bounce ideas off of/see what's happening on the other side of the fence. Thanks!
  5. K4nkur0u

    Portfolio Review

    Thanks for the reply and advice! Yes I'm willing to move on my own dime, should I also include that in my resume?
  6. K4nkur0u

    Portfolio Review

    http://www.ericmcconnell.com/ I am currently working in games for health (physical rehabilitation) and I am looking to make the leap to the industry as a designer. Can I get some feedback on my web portfolio and specifically: Should I take anything out? Am I missing something important? Should my games have design docs with them? Does it look really bad to have halfway finished projects on there? etc. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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