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  1. riuthamus

    UE4 + 3D Modeling Tutorials

    Wanted to see if there was any interest in posting weekly tutorials on UE4 materials, animations, textures, and/or 3D modeling. These would be community based and there would be some type of pole that would vote for what is covered in the next week. I am thinking they would be 1 - 2HR long sessions with a "snapshot" at the end of it for quick review. Thoughts are welcome!! Thanks
  2. Great stuff, however I do have a point of argument with this. You can make your stream as different as you want, but if you are not getting page views they wont find it. I have 40+ dedicated viewers who will show up and watch, but unless I pull into a new market zone I am getting 0 new traffic. This is where the issue is. I would argue the content I provide is 90% better than most mid tier streaming. You can check for yourself by watching one of the past streams. I have clean huds' with solid notifications and we plenty of chat interaction. The problem is exposure, I have captured everybody I can capture at the current timezone and market. How to break into more people? Very few gamedev streamers break more than 100 concurrent viewers. Even established people like Quazi have a tough time getting past the 50 person mark now that the new algo's have taken place for viewership and category movements. This is kinda what I was getting at, how to get more exposure?
  3. As a streamer myself I found great success in self promotion. However, I have hit a wall at the 2000 follower count. Getting more people to view the game that I am making has been increasingly difficult. I have a dedicated group of people who will be there when I do stream, but breaking into new ground seems impossible. What would you suggest? Are other people use to this same wall? I hear once you get to 4k subs its really easy to get further on. You hit another wall at the 10K mark. How much work do you have with getting people partnership? I know twitch just came out with a path to success but that seems somewhat limited and almost archaic in design. What do you tell people who wish to make it further should be some goals? How important is schedule? If I dont have a set schedule, or cant keep one should I just avoid streaming?
  4. Born from a passion to have a quality farming game on the PC, we bring you "Valley of Crescent Mountain". However, why stop with farming when you can add espionage to the mix, throw in some magic and perhaps a dastardly deed or two and what you have is our game! As a newly graduated Spy, you have been dispatched into the world to make a difference and benefit the kingdom. Your first post is to the north near a neutral town settled deep within Crescent Valley. The village is in the middle of the only mountain pass between your kingdom and the neighboring nation. A small plot of land has been purchased on your behalf for you to establish your deep cover identity as a new farmer to the area. Your mission is to engage with the locals, watch for incursions by the opposing kingdom, sway opinions to your advantage and find new opportunities to push your country's agenda. Amidst all of this, unsettling signs of darkness are making themselves known.
  5. We spend 3 days making a game mode for the UE4 WinterJam. Here is the product of what we were able to accomplish. It is 100% multiplayer and works without anybody (bots) as well. Let me know what you think and any and all bugs you might find! Download the game and play from our itch.io link: https://riuthamus.itch.io/cracked-ice
  6. riuthamus

    Devblog #34: Riverbanks, Trees, Floating stones

    Nice stuff, def keeping a watch on this!
  7. riuthamus

    New Player Movement

    In ue4 we use 2 raytraces. A forward vector raytract to see how far the cliff is from us, and a secon to see how far we are from the top. To save on memory we only do this for certain objects. We also had to enable overlap events to check for certain edge cases. From there we verify values and tweak until it looks perfect. There are tutorials online about it, however we loosly followed those and kinda winged most of it after the basics.
  8. riuthamus

    New Player Movement

    Code wise, or just controls in game?
  9. riuthamus

    New Player Movement

    We have almost completed the new movement system for our spy/farmer. Part of your adventures will take you into wilderness, mountains, and caves. To accomplish this we need to have a robust movement system that allows for cliff hanging + climbing. This video demonstrates those animations and how we hope for it to look. Keep in mind we still have camera changes that need to take place to make this smooth, but this is the general idea. As always, thoughts and ideas are welcome! See you later.
  10. riuthamus

    Weather System

    Thanks, are you using UE4? Our system is 100% custom and allows for full control of the skybox. When I stream next I can show you the in and the outs of it Some really high quality stuff there, I will keep in touch and let you know if a spot opens up.
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