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  1. Artworks for feedback (Cows VS Vikings)

    Love this art style btw!
  2. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168126246 Link to the full review of all the submissions. I did go through them in order of games in the rar file.
  3. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Live now!! https://www.twitch.tv/riuthamus
  4. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Will be streaming my judging tonight live, will go through all games (that work) and score as we go! https://www.twitch.tv/riuthamus Check it out live, in 3hrs from this post (8pm HST)
  5. WoA - Model Pack

    This is a holding thread, will be updated in 5hours once the theme has been released. I will have screenshots and video of the models I am making available for the gamejam. So check up in a few hours.
  6. Week of Awesome V - Administration Thread

    My 3d model pack will be available a few hours after the initial release. I will also be adding more to it tomorrow. So, check back here once the official title has been released with the themes! <3
  7. Gameplay Intro

    We wanted to show off some of the new gameplay features while giving a generic explanation of what you can do. This is the first of many videos to follow in a series that will go over the basic functions of the game. Any questions let me know!
  8. What is VoCM

    Born from a passion to have a quality farming game on the PC, we bring you "Valley of Crescent Mountain". However, why stop with farming when you can add espionage to the mix, throw in some magic and perhaps a dastardly deed or two and what you have is our game! As a newly graduated Spy, you have been dispatched into the world to make a difference and benefit the kingdom. Your first post is to the north near a neutral town settled deep within Crescent Valley. The village is in the middle of the only mountain pass between your kingdom and the neighboring nation. A small plot of land has been purchased on your behalf for you to establish your deep cover identity as a new farmer to the area. Your mission is to engage with the locals, watch for incursions by the opposing kingdom, sway opinions to your advantage and find new opportunities to push your country's agenda. Amidst all of this, unsettling signs of darkness are making themselves known. WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE GAME? FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/vocmain/ TWITCH: https://twitch.tv/riuthamus YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/riuthamus TWITTER: https://twitter.com/riuthamus INDIEDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/vocm WHAT IS THIS GAME ABOUT? Inspired by previous games such as "Neverwinter Nights", "Harvest Moon", and "Witcher", we wanted to bring a game to life that did justice to the Farming genre and its RPG elements. This is where our game comes in. We are putting a heavy focus on roleplaying events that will define and change how you play the game. Add a unique starting point for the storyline and you have what I call "winner winner, chicken dinner!". Speaking of chickens: WHAT ARE SOME THINGS WE CAN DO IN THE GAME? FARMING: In our game you will be farming on a grid. This grid based system will notify you via visual cue on the status of your crops and the tiled land. Everything from water saturation level to plantable tilled land. If you want to know the status of every tilegrid on your entire farm you can press q and it will quickly show you the status of all tiles on the farm you own. Want to go back to less information, just press the tab key again and it will all be removed and brought back to normal. You will gather seeds from quests, events, the world, and from other plants. Use these seeds on the tilled land to start creating the birth place for your plants. Once your crops have been brought to adulthood you can harvest them. If you are unhappy with the crop you can throw it away, or if it fits your needs you can store it in your backpack.
  9. Week of Awesome V - Administration Thread

    Don't think I am Unity's side, honestly I hate the engine and all it stands for. I hate it so much I have to defend my choice even if this isn't the place for it. <_< However if you just made a Unreal level, with nothing in it and exported as a game it's over 200mb large blank level. Most of Unreal's tools are made with long term games in mind, you won't be able to use even 20% of the engine in a weeks time.   Unity, as much as I hate to say it, is best for the small games we can make in a week. If someone plans on taking the game past this week, then Unreal would be the best choice.     Again, I dont want to turn this into an unreal vs unity thread. Some of what you said makes sense, but there are 5 arguments rolled up into one and they dont all make sense for that 1 argument.   So this is what I am going to say, and leave it at that. If you want to dispute my claims please bring that to a PM or something. The only reason I am responding on this thread is so that people are not discouraged to use Unreal due to the comments presented. 1) Unreal engine has BP's (blueprints) which allows for visual based scripting, as fast as or faster than C# prototyping. You can make an entire game with this. So the comment about not even using 20% of the engine in a weeks time is 100% false. You could, within hours, flesh out networking, movement, physics, and have an entire game ready to roll all from Unreal's core project files with minimal modifications via BP scripting. 2) Both Unreal and Unity provide robust systems for making games quickly, however unreal provides artists far more tools out of the box. Meaning, you could have an artist on the team who helps you with the code elements. This can lead to a faster production time. Those coders out there who are also weekend artists can gain perks from this as well. Some of the tools in Unreal are purchase only from Unitys store. 3) The argument for the file size is fairly correct, but that is ONLY if you leave in all the core assets. Our first production of our game (WoA:4 ) was less than 300mb and that was with 100% custom models and textures. So the idea that your game has to be huge is predicated on the concept of using all of the engines "default" content. You can choose to use none of that and work with a very light load based setup. 4) This point is the ONLY point that I would argue Unity is better. Unreal is not as featured packed when it comes to the 2d side of things. Their UI editor is horrible and needs some serious work. With those in mind, if you are running 3D you have no reason to not choose Unreal. So, while you might think that Unity is better, in all honesty its not. Either tool will work and can be used, its the skills you have with them that will determine if you can use them properly. If you are new coder and never made anything before than C# might be the better path for you (Unity), but it isnt the only path and it isnt the "best" path either. BP scripting is powerful tool that can allow you to create games within minutes using the full feature set of the entire engine. Don't believe me? Check out some of the UE4 gamejams that are ONLY 3 days. Some of the games people product are off the charts and they were done with less than a 5 man team.
  10. Week of Awesome V - Administration Thread

    Most should be using Unity, it's the best engine for a game that can be made in a week; Unreal is to heavy for this. Custom engines would also be good.     I wonder If I start now to make walls, floors, shaders and other basic items -that I know every game uses- is that cheating?     100% disagree with that comment about Unreal, but thats for another topic :P
  11. Week of Awesome V - Administration Thread

    I will be making an asset set for this years stuff, wanted to know if most people plan to use Unity, Unreal, or a custom 2d engine? Thoughts are welcome. The goal is to have roughly 20 - 30 assets available for you guys by the time of the event. This pack will come full with animations, particles, and some icons. Thanks in advance for any and all info you can provide.
  12. DevLog #4 - Dang Nuisance bugs!

    I think that throwing shit needs some small work! lolol
  13. DevLog #0

    Need pictures, text is so boring...
  14. "The Harvest" Goes Live

    Yes I did
  15. "The Harvest" Goes Live

    Aardvajk, thanks! <3