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  1. Devblog #34

    Nice stuff, def keeping a watch on this!
  2. New Player Movement

    In ue4 we use 2 raytraces. A forward vector raytract to see how far the cliff is from us, and a secon to see how far we are from the top. To save on memory we only do this for certain objects. We also had to enable overlap events to check for certain edge cases. From there we verify values and tweak until it looks perfect. There are tutorials online about it, however we loosly followed those and kinda winged most of it after the basics.
  3. New Player Movement

    Code wise, or just controls in game?
  4. New Player Movement

    We have almost completed the new movement system for our spy/farmer. Part of your adventures will take you into wilderness, mountains, and caves. To accomplish this we need to have a robust movement system that allows for cliff hanging + climbing. This video demonstrates those animations and how we hope for it to look. Keep in mind we still have camera changes that need to take place to make this smooth, but this is the general idea. As always, thoughts and ideas are welcome! See you later.
  5. Weather System

    Thanks, are you using UE4? Our system is 100% custom and allows for full control of the skybox. When I stream next I can show you the in and the outs of it Some really high quality stuff there, I will keep in touch and let you know if a spot opens up.
  6. Weather System

    harvest moon, stardew valley, and yes it does 2018! q3 (alpha is already out and in the process)
  7. Weather System

    Wanted to show off the weather system, as well as some of the new animation changes to the new farmer model. Hope you guys like it, enjoy the Holidays and stay safe!
  8. Ultima style Graphics

    Out of the box means, You install unreal, you click the create top down template, and walla! Just like if you purchased something right out of the box it works.
  9. Ultima style Graphics

    yes, UE4 has a top down out of the box you can use, adding abilities and skills you will need to look for online tutorials. As for control, orthographic view, thats all there in UE4.
  10. Ultima style Graphics

    Those are all easily done with either mainstream engine. Pick one, you will be fine!
  11. Ultima style Graphics

    Any, almost any engine can support that art style as it is sprite sheets in a iso format. The question should be more about what you want to do with the game and less about what engine would fit the art style. The majors ones support this and so do the lesser major ones.
  12. Rigging and Animating

    Set Driven keys will be your answer. you can make 3 bones, one for each level of the piston. Create a set driven key that controls the three bones to compress down on each other as it is moved up or down. Then you can animate that control as the legs move up or down. Super easy to do! The power of set driven keys is unlimited!
  13. So without reading @Scouting Ninja threads, he is so fast to get to these, they are 100% made with meshes. Unreal has some very powerful tools for creating 3d assets in a particle system. Something like this could be done within an hour if the mesh is already created. You can control everything from how fast it rotates, number of particles that spawn, and direction they fly, etc etc etc. Colorization of particles is managed by parameters and materials. This means your particles can do everythinng a normal game asset can do. Furthermore, some of these use sprite sheets and other fancy forms to make the particle look even better. There are hundreds of tutorials on youtube on how to do this "UE4 particle system" and you will find loads. As scounting said, watch those, play with making a few, and after 5 or six different systems you will be able to create some seriously epic stuff with little to no effort on your part.
  14. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    It honestly looks too much like Warcraft to even take it seriously. I know thats exactly what you wanted, but I think it will hurt more than it is going to help. Creatinng an identity for your game is crucial and this just feels like you are taking anothers and attempting to rebrand it as your own. Just my thoughts. Looks intersting and I am always on the hunt for a good strategy game.
  15. Locomotive Rigging

    All of this can be done via Maya or 3dStudio Max. You would need a center bone at 0 0 0 (root) and then add in bones from there for each of the different parts you want. Using constraints and set driven keyframing you can achieved what you want. Most of what you are doing is a simple rig due to the fact that it is all "solid" and should have either 1 or 0 weight applied to it. The hard part would be seperating out all of the parts you want animated and then weighting them to the bones, this will take time, but once complete will allow endless edits and simplistic modification. I think you are over thinking this process + a lack of knowledge helps to make this a harder task than it is. This is not an insult just an obeservation of what is going on. Some things to think of: 1) You can rig this all day, but where you are going wrong is you are lacking CONTROLS that get applied to each of the bones. As you are not primarily a rigger/animator I understand why you might not have them, but in this case its horrible to attempt this without them. 2) Understanding the motion of an object is crucial before you even create the rig. If you want to avoid rework you need to know all the possible motions your object will need to make. If, in this case, you only want the spokes to control the wheels and you have the wheels moving in conjuntion this is a super simple rig that would take 5 minutes to finish. If you have other requirments such as pistons or bolts moving then we get into a bit trickier situation, all of which still depend upon number 1 (control rigs) 3) I know it was suggested, but I HIGHLY recommend you do not create this in Unreal or Unity or any other program. You will gain the most control for the first iterations as well as edits by doing it properly the first time. If you want to learn about all of this you need to do this from an approach that will help you to understand: Youtube the following in order: - Rigging - Weighting - Control Rig - Set Driven Keys 4) If you are still confused, you could share the model with me, I will point out what you should do and even take some time to show you how to actually do it. If you dont care to learn I could just rig it up for ya in a few minutes.