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  1. Thanks all for the replies. I'm following these online tutorials and while they have given me an insight on the language I think I may get a book to get a more professional approach and not have this type of confusions on the journey. Which ones do you reccomend I'm inclining towards Accelerated C++ SabreMan suggested.

  2. Hello I'm following this tutorial about arrays and I understand how they are declared and the several ways to initialize them, what confuses me is when I can't do
    iaArray1 = iaArray2;
    but instead
    int iaArray1[3] = {1,2,3};
    int iaArray2[3];
    int iIndex = 0;
    while (iIndex < 0) {
    iaArray2[iIndex] = iaArray1[iIndex];

    could I have done this?:
    int iaArray1[3] = {1,2,3};
    int iaArray2[3];
    int iIndex = iaArray1;
    int iaArray2 = iIndex;

    What I understand is the first one is not possible the second one iaArray1 equals iaArray2 as long as iIndex is less than 0. In the third one (the one I made up) its saying iIndex equals iaArray1 and iaArray2 equals iIndex.
    Anyway if anyone could develop a bit more I will greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Thanks. The only thing I see that I may be falling behind is when I use buttons and forms. I mean I can use them very easily with Visual C# but then again I don't really know how I would code it if I were to code it from scratch. I gues as long as I have the Visual C# IDE I'm good to go hehe.

    Another question that pops into my head now, I've been using variables like int, floats, doubles, and I get the diference between ints and floats but why doubles? and why floats numbers need to end in F?? I know how to use them and I've seen a couple explanations arguing about floats being 32 and doubles 64 I just dont get why they couldnt just make them into one and hence less complications lol

    Anyway thanks all for their contributions.

  4. Thanks very much for the link seeing all those games simply gives me motivation. The only thing I've made so far is a calculator but hey gotta start somewhere hehe. Thanks for the replies.

  5. Hello all! Great forum here. I've been reading a lot this past few days on which programming language to start with and decided to go with C#. Why? Not really because it fits my needs or anything technical like that but because while reading I found a link to a great website with excellent detailed tutorials with a beginners aproach to C#. I don't really understand the differences between C++ and C# but lately I've seen many posts of people starting with C++ and was wondering if C# is just as effective for game development as C++. So far I've been making progress with C#, though I've only been learning for a few weeks now, it's been fun and rewarding when I see simple programs I've made up work. So a few questions in my head are:

    - Would I be better off spending my time learning C++ or should I go with C#?
    - Is Visual C# the same as C#? The tutorials I'm following are these http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/csharp/csharp.html

    Thanks in advance!
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