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  1. jeyanthinath

    Multiplayer gaming Basics

    Thanks a lot for your help. I can do simple programs in flash a simple single gaming. So what do i do now , as ur point of view i have to make more knowledge about single player gaming , i tried will surely try that and make some experience and then i will come up with some questions(some really hard questions ), thanks once again
  2. jeyanthinath

    Multiplayer gaming Basics

    I cant even start towards creating Multiplayer gaming so i am in trouble to get off (FLASH & AS3) so help me where i can start from Any resources will be useful to me.....
  3. jeyanthinath

    Multiplayer in flash

    Hi guys i am in need of your help for developing multiplayer game for flash . I searched a lot in the google and much more i can't find the answer to my solution. I need in developing flash multiplayer game i have no knowled in multiplayer game ( i developed one single player game in flash and as2). How does i create a multiplayer game , about 3 players can play instantly . Any sample game or help ... plz my fate rest with you guys
  4. jeyanthinath

    What is to choose through

    so going with HTML5 is best ??? approx how much the server rates will be for a 100 active visitors ???
  5. jeyanthinath

    What is to choose through

    Guys I am beginner in the game development and i meant i didn't developed a game yet , But I know some programming languages little (C,python,php) Me and my friend wants to make a game website and i want your help to choose me the language and platform to develop "online" gaming website.... It should be LIGHT WEIGHT so I think i can use HTML-5 but some of my friends says it will not produce better animations so use FLASH & ACTION-SCRIPT but it will make the server more costly !!! so what can i do for it .... what i have to do ???
  6. hai just get the total thing as a string and and then trim the thing using the operators like (+,-,*,/) and store the variable proceeding it in a array and do your calculation
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