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  1. shargath

    handling keyboard input in WndProc

    Very good article, thank you
  2. shargath

    handling keyboard input in WndProc

    I just realized what I did wrong, so stupid mistake, bool *pKeyInputHolder is what I have in character.h and then I have it again in constructor so second redefinition erases the first one with different scope variable lifetime
  3. shargath

    handling keyboard input in WndProc

    Thank you for your answer zacaj, sound nice and easy but where should be the array's declaration/definition from structural point of view? I have main.cpp where is APIENTRY WinMain and WndProc and I create the character object before calling ShowWindow(hWnd, nCmdShow); UpdateWindow(hWnd); should I make array as a global and pass to Character's constructor pointer to array?
  4. shargath

    Best 3d modelling software for beginners?

    it's been some time since I was modelling so maybe the situation has changed, but from my experience the biggest number of tutorials has 3ds max... however it is very complex program and someone who will launch it for the first time might get lost.... It's hard to say which one is the best, everyone has it's pluses and minuses, it really depends on user, everybody is different so one likes maya, the other likes 3ds max but at the end of the day it doesn't matter which SW you are using, it's just a tool, what matters is your skill and knowledge how to use the tool I started with cinema4d, tried blender but I then I switched for 3ds max, as I said, there ale lot of resources for this one, lot of free tutorials/videotutorials and also dvds (e.g. from gnomon workshop) and very big community, if I'm not mistaken, 3ds max is the most used in professional sphere, but internet is growing and I'm sure there are a quite big communities for other programs as well
  5. Hello , I just jumped into the waters of game developing and I'm making my first 2d game. So far I've got the window and basic render loop where I'm animating sprite, which is some walking character. Now I want to make the character walking after arrow keyboard buttons input is made... I have class Character and I thought that it could be storing the current state like "moving to left", "moving to right", etc. I'm using raw input but I don't know how to set the states of character based on keyboard input, since WndProc doesn't know about instance of object character... So what's the common way of doing this?
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