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  1. Thanks man. I'll start with MSpaint and GIMP since they're free.
  2. I'm looking to get into developing my own game. I'm just starting out. I have a few ideas for games. Now the programming doesn't scare me. I took a few programming classes in College. Teacher even told me I had a knack for it. I'm not worried about the audio either. At some point I'll just get myself a keyboard, get familiar with the software and start producing some tunes. No worries there. Now, the graphics part... I honestly have no idea how I'm going to be able to produce something that's at least decent, even pleasant to look at. I can't draw very well. I bought a book to learn how to draw. I'm making some small progress but it's very slow. Now this is my question. I'm looking to make a 2D game. SNES type graphics. Kind of like these two projects:   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/523651724/legend-of-iya   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alonsomartin/heart-forth-alicia     Now I know that for someone who doesn't draw very well this is a tall order as these 2 games have gorgeous 2D graphics. I just want to get some guidance here. How should I go about it? Should I just learn how to draw on a piece of paper first? Or should I go straight into some 2D creation software and practice there? If so which one? Some suggestions from the pros here would be very welcome. :) Thanks.
  3. clem84

    Should I go with directX or openGL

    Thanks MHagain. The game I want to make is completely 2D using animated sprites. I don't suppose that makes much of a difference right? Anyway. You said to pick one so I think I'll start with openGL a little later on after I've completed that Pong game in SFML, and eventually move on to D3D.
  4. clem84

    Should I go with directX or openGL

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm very much a noob when it comes to game creation. What are SDL and SFML? Are they a graphics language similar to Opengl and DirectX? Anyway, I'm thinking of doing that pong game in SFML and take it to completion just to get a basic idea of what's involved in making a full game.
  5. I'm just beginning my first 2D game. The idea I had is that basically I would create every 2D graphic in the game by first drawing everything with a pencil and paper, and then scanning them as I go along. Is that really the best way to go about it? Are there other methods? like programs that create 2D graphics easier and faster then with a pencil? ANY suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.
  6. clem84

    Should I go with directX or openGL

    ok I'll try that. thank you for the suggestion. Maybe I'll learn opengl sometime later.
  7. My goal is to create a 2d game and I want to be as much in control as possible. That's why I'm currently learning C++ and eventually I will take the road of learning a graphics API and writting my own engine. My question to those who have had experience with both is, which should I go for? Is one language better then the other? more versatile? easier, harder to use?
  8. thanks for all the replies! I've decided to use MS's Visual C++ studio 2010. I figured since it's the most popular I'll be able to find support for it more easily.
  9. hi, I already have a C++ book that I'm slowly making my way through but it's mostly about programming logic. There's very little about displaying stuff on screen. So what would be the best book about C++ in regards to displaying 2D and 3D graphics? I looked on Amazon a little but surprisingly I didn't find much. Any suggestions?
  10. I figured the first thing I had to do was to properly learn C++. I remember back when I was in college we had a program that opened up and then you could write your own code and then run it. That's called a compiler right? Can you recommend a good compiler for windows7?
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