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  1. Hi, I am writing a program in which i have to render many objects to multiple viewports as efficiently as possible. I am using hardware instancing because i have the instances of the same object. I load the instance data along with object data in two streams to gpu and use the vertex shader to render instanced objects. I want to render each instance to a small portion of the complete viewport. I load the viewport data along with the instance data. I need to multiple the homogenous position of the vertices with some "VIEWPORT" matrix such that each instance renders to it's own viewport. I DO NOT want to set viewports using setviewport and initiate multiple render calls for each instance (that will destroy the purpose of instancing). Can some one tell me the matrix i need to use to multiply my homogeneous canocial cordinates to render to a portion of the viewport. Regards, madil90
  2. Hi, I want to implement deferred shading using directx 9. I have quite a bit of experience in graphics but my works was mainly focused in offline rendering till now (ray tracing etc). I am new to the graphics pipeline. Can you please give me some good directx tutorials and tell me how to implement deferred shading. I will be very grateful for your help.
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