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    3D file efficiency

    @Samoth This is perfect, exactly what I was thinking... I just couldn't think how to go about it.
  2. romomo

    3D file efficiency

    I'm aware of skinning, I have a seperate implementation for that. The purpose of the per-vertex key-frames is to accomidate older/less powerful mobile devices. Specifically those with minimal to no GPU. Simple interpolation between vertices seems to produce much faster results (for better looking models, I might add), and as I don't intend to use this particular implementation for real-time physics/animation, I can produce much nicer deforms. This is the whole reason I'm looking into ways to minimize the size of the output file.
  3. romomo

    3D file efficiency

    Krohm and L. Spiro, Thank you both, this was exactly the info I was looking for. I'm curious, as you said for mobile devices (This is precisely what I'm developing for; Android and IOS)... How are you storing animation for models with such high tri-counts?
  4. romomo

    3D file efficiency

    I'm sorry, typo on my part. What I meant was converting them to whole numbers in short range... eg: 26.013 becomes 26. (fixed typo)
  5. Hello, So I've created a custom binary file export format for 3DS. Everything works fine, but I would now like to make it a bit more compressed. I'm considering using one or more of the following; Shared vertices (currently every face exports 3 floats, shared verts are not taken into account), converting verts to whole numbers, and exporting as a short... not sure if this will have too much impact on low poly model quality), and last but not least... exporting ONLY changed verts in each frame (though it would seem I would then need to key it by indicies, meaning it will help in SOME cases... but make things worse in most). I'm interestes in hearing your suggestions, and if possible, an example of implementation. Thanks! Rob
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