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  1. Look who finally decided to show up.
  2. I posted in your other thread to argue that games can benefit greatly from multi-core CPUs. I still agree with that argument    The benefits are everywhere.   I've noticed that when you have a browser open on a single-core computer, if you have 5 tabs playing Youtube videos simultaneously, the browser will have very slow performance on a free tab.   But on a multi-core computer, that doesn't happen.   The tabs get dedicated to different CPU cores.   And everyone is happy.
  3. I am now hoping someone will make me eat my words for what I just said about Vista.
  4. Because I assumed these guys were getting kept up at night, still pondering about why my crappier computer has better Minecraft performance.   I got it after service pack 1, never had a problem with it.   The people who complain about Vista are the ones who tried to put it on their 512 MB Pentium III computer, and wondered why its so slow.   Vista had too high of requirements compared to other OSes, but once you meet those requirements then its a great OS.
  5. Well apparently PCI-E video cards are always better than integrated ones, as long as they're released within 5 years of each other.   You can compare the video cards if you want. This is a dead horse now, I don't use these computers anymore as I got a Windows 7 one now.
  6. And it still doesn't make much sense.   You got a 2014 Lamborghini completely decked out, but it has solid rubber tires.   And you got a 89 Honda Civic, and has top of the line Michelins.   Yet the Civic outperforms the Lamborghini somehow.
  7. You can't reply to threads that have had 60 days since last activity.   "Grave dig" is more uniform across all forums. If I say "dig grave", it sounds more like I'm talking about the real deal.   Regardless I still await feedback from Servant and Hodgman. Common guys I know you've lurked this a couple times.
  8.   Bigger VRAM is better, in the case of a 1:1 comparison, I.E. 128 MB DDR vs 64 MB DDR       attn is an abbreviation for "attention."  In formal writing, it should not be used. The full word should be used instead.   I try to keep my thread titles short, because I assume it makes people more willing to read them.
  9. Participating is rewarding eh     This whole topic reminds me of SNES vs. Genesis. Everything is superior on the SNES, besides the CPU.
  10. Almost two years ago, I made this topic: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/630293-these-computers-dont-make-sense/page-2   Since I've learned alot more about computers, I thought I'd return to this.   What a fool I am.   It turns out the ONLY single component better on the first computer, is the graphics card.   Let me go into higher detail this time:   computer 1#: Windows XP 2 GB DDR Low-end Pentium 4 with no HT integrated Sound Max card Radeon x300 128 MB     computer 2#: Windows Vista 4 GB DDR2 AMD Athlon dual-core 5600 7.1 audio card Nvidia Geforce 6150SE 64 MB     Its just a mind-fuck, that a 4 years older computer has a better graphics card.   I am worthy of any name-calling over my stupidity in my previous thread.    
  11. Very high polygon counts is also nessesary.
  12. Do you think we'll get a 128-bit version of Windows 10?
  13. I only got time to read a couple paragraphs. I consider video games to be art, because animation is art. Video games are animation with user input.
  14. I tried getting into Game Maker. Can you use raw code? I don't like this drag & drop stuff where I got no idea what I am doing
  15.   Wow they go all the way back to the SNES/Super Famicom But thats changing right, self-publishing on Ouya, project MOJO, Vita TV.   Can't forget homebrew, the Dreamcast getting a new release every year, almost the same for NES, Genesis.