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    Simple MORPG project planning

    Just to elaborate a little bit on KnolanCross' confusion about Python, here is a comment that came up yesterday on the comp.lang.python mailing list from Terry Jan Reedy: I consider this a useless or even deceptive statement. Python is an object-based algorithm language. The CPython implementation (currently) *compiles* Python code to a virtual machine bytecode, similar to Java bytecode. This could change. Jython translates to Java, which is then compiled to Java bytecode. Do you call Java an 'interpreted' language? There are compilers that compile Python to the same 'object code' that C is compiled to. I guess this explains my small objection to KnolanCross' explanation of Python better than I could with my own words. Just my 2 Cents, please continue with your regular discussion.
  2. Steveway

    Simple MORPG project planning

    KnolanCross, I think you are confusing Python the language with cPython, _one_ implementation of the Python language.
  3. Steveway

    Pygame Image Problem

    Let me guess. You are using a Mac. This is a bug in the apple-provided png-loading routines that pygame uses on macs. AFAIK this has been fixed in current versions of pygame, you should get a newer version for your system.
  4. Steveway

    Help! I'm trying to make a game.

    There are no such answers, this is life. Besides that, you are still 13 don't worry about this, go to school and get good grades first.
  5. Steveway

    Making a Game

    Or start with python and then learn pygame. Or better, choose whatever _you_ like and not what others tell you. Also, more importantly read the stickies and older topics about this. I mean, really, read the stickies!
  6. Steveway

    Image compression

    Since nobody bothered to do so till now, I ran a simple pngcrush -brute over some of your pictures. (I only compressed the pictures that are "bigger" than your self-compressed ones.) The results are: 25.800 Bytes [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2462] 10.155 Bytes [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2463] 47.562 Bytes [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2464] So, your own algorithm does not fare that well against a more correctly use .png. Even though 2 of the examples are still bigger than yours (even though we have to belive that you don't lie to us since you neither posted one of those pictures or any other proof.) png still wins in most cases and has the benefits of being a free specification. EDIT: Sounds a little bit provocative, don't take it too seriously, I just like the topic.
  7. Steveway

    image compression

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