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  1. New gaming website launched

    I'd like to inform all Gamedev community, especially those who had a quick look at our site, that we've made a rebranding campaign and now we are [url=""]ToomkyGames[/url]! we are very excited about this move and our new name and has been working hard to prepare for the big change! Hope to become a great and wealthy gaming website! They say this new name is cooler than the previous one - what do you think?[img][/img] [img][/img]
  2. Need tips for a new game portal

    Tom Soper, Yeah I guess so...but who knows [quote name='Harikane' timestamp='1347254942' post='4978482'] we can work together and compliment each other's need. [/quote] Hi, Abhishek Could you please make a short presentation in a few words what are you willing to offer? Thanks in advance
  3. Rawbots - a robots crafting sandbox game

    hahaha))) what a funny game! I love it! Can't wait you finish it!
  4. New gaming website launched

    thanks, azonicrider [quote name='azonicrider' timestamp='1346404611' post='4975087'] Nothing makes it unique, just another gameware site filled with a billion Adsense ads. Although I gotta say, the pages on that site load surprisingly fast, considering how much content is on them. [/quote] Actually we have something that will make our website unique or just not similar to other ones. we r now working on this matter. Your remarks are quite reasonable. Ref to ads - yes, there are some but i believe there is no abuse. the amount of ads seems to be acceptable. Ref to the site's speed - yeah we spend a lot of time working on this matter, hope it continues working fast when there'll be more content on it:)
  5. New gaming website launched

    thanks for your quick review) [quote name='CryoGenesis' timestamp='1346326863' post='4974760'] Maybe some kind of video of the game or a trailer? Looks a lot like other game sites [/quote] what do mean by "looks a lot like other game sites"?[img][/img] say, could you be more specific what our website is similar in to others? just for me to somehow improve it and make more unique[img][/img]
  6. New gaming website launched

    hi, everyone! I'd like to share with gamedev community our newly launched website - [url=""][/url] - it is focused on free online and downloadable games available in full versions only. We are now working on its developing and optimization, so to say "leveling it up" Actually it was launched several months ago, but still it is newbie for the gaming world[img][/img] thus there is already a good host of casual games. Please, it would be great if you tell me your impressions and some critical remarks? (they will be highly appreciatable) In fact such discussion forums are one of the best way to know what professionals think about a particular project.
  7. hello there, We are a young company and we've recently launched a new game portal [url=""][/url] with free online and downloadable content. Actually i need some advice or tips how to increase traffic to the site without using various traffic exchange sites, cuz i believe that the quality of such traffic is no good. Do you have any suggestions? P.S. I hope, I'm creating a new topic in a proper branch of the forum, so if not i'm sorry and won't mind redirecting it to a suitable branch[img][/img]