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  1. Very nice article, and thanks for linking to the paper on Largest Empty Rectangle.  I am wondering if you can also provide some information on how you subdivide("shatter") the shapes?  Do you simply divide the rects in 1/2 and continue to divide each subsection that is overlapped in half until the smaller rectangles are not hidden(Similar to a quadtree)?
  2. Thank you for your response.  I will take a look at the gameplay3d source code and then come back with more questions. :)  
  3. Hello GameDev Community, I am currently developing a game framework for the Android system using Java. I have a small runtime scripting language that users can utilize to create models, move them around, and do various things. However, I would now like to start targeting iOS applications. So as a case study, how is an engine like Unity3D implemented? They have various scripting languages(Javascript, C#, etc.), and they can target multiple platforms. Do they implement the same codebase on multiple platforms? For example: They have a Java codebase that implements all of the functionality needed to create android apps, and then they duplicate that codebase to implement all of the functionality they need for iOS apps, etc. How do they deploy to multiple platforms? Are they simply translating source from a target language(C#, Javascript, etc.) and then generating Java code for Android from there Java codebase, Objective-C code for iOS from their separate Obj-C codebase, etc? The overall theme of my question is how do I structure my codebase so that I am not duplicating a lot of work to support multiple platforms. Should I build my own VM that is deployed to each of these systems(I'm aware this will be a cost in performance)? Thanks for your insight.
  4. Hi guys, Thanks for all of the advice. We are going to discuss some of your suggestions and build a decision grid.
  5. Hi guys, Myself and a few like minded individuals are looking to co-locate in one location to continue work on some of our software startup projects. We've developed some products already, and now believe it is time to all work from the same location. I am wondering for those of you who have startups, where is a good city to headquarter in? We are currently considering Chicago, Boston, San Jose area, and Austin Texas. The resources we are looking for are places where there is lots of young talent we can recruit from in the future. Cost of living is also an important factor, as we're on the humble budget of a startup. For those of you who currently have startups, what are the most important resources you have access too? What resources do you wish you had access to? Are there any states or cities in particular that really will back startup tech companies(No, we are not consider Rhode Island).. We're originally from the Midwest, but willing to move anywhere we think we can be successful long term. Thanks for your advice.