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  1. Detour Games has recently started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their upcoming game RAW.   RAW is a running on rails action platformer for Android, OUYA, Desktop (PC, Mac, and Linux) and if the company hits their first stretch goal they will also be releasing a version for iPhone and iPad.     Gamers play through a pulp-fiction graphic novel staring a cyborg juggernaut searching for purpose. The game is set to release early next year, and if it gets enough funding it plans to be a launch title for the upcoming OUYA console. Backers of the Kickstarter get the standard reward of pre-puchasing the game but they also have the option for digital downloads of the soundtrack, a printed copy of the comic book that the game creates, and even a pixelated version of specific backers put into the background of the game.   You can learn more about the game and it's developers through their Kickstarter or the Detour Games website.
  2. [url="http://kiwinuptuo.deviantart.com/gallery/27054576"]Kiwinuptuo[/url] has some of the best tutorials on low-resolution art, check out the one for rocks and tiles and you'll see what I mean. There's also the [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/257345-tutorials-downloads-check-here/"]handy thread[/url] at the top of Visual Arts that has some good tutorials. If you want I can give you an in-depth explanation of tilesets with an explanation of the ones I've created for my current game, but I think these are enough to get you started. Good luck!
  3. Your sprites aren't bad - I love anything sci fi so I'm a little bias but I'll give you my opinion. The variation in size of planets is accurate but I'm not sure how well it would show up in-game, I would echo the other comments that a screenshot mockup would be useful in seeing how these elements are going to be laid out and displayed. I don't understand what the long green bars are for; is that your background? I think it would be easier if you were to arrange these graphics as you would put them on a sprite sheet. How much graphics programming are you planning? It would be a lot simpler to have a filled and an empty health bar and then hide the percentage that you've lost, it's more programming but only 2 sprites. I hope to see improvement on these (:
  4. [img]http://www.detour-games.com/img/RAWdioContest.png[/img] We at Detour Games are developing our latest independent video game, RAW, and we need audio! RAW is a 2D, action side-scroller that tells the story of a cyborg juggernaut finding his true purpose in a strange, new war-torn world. He will blast, smash, and dash his way through a comic that stretches six epic chapters! Here’s where we need you! We are a small, indie team and we don’t have a dedicated sound guy. Instead, we are going to crowdsource all the in-game music and sound effects by offering prizes for submissions. Everyone from absolute amateurs to industry veterans is welcome to participate! All the information, including terms and conditions, general guidelines, and how to submit audio, can be found here. The contest will go from October 10th until December 2nd, and afterwards we will be hosting public polls to help decide the winners. All serious submissions (whether chosen or not) will earn their creator a free copy of the game once it is released. What are you waiting for? The contest ends December 2nd so get started now!
  5. There is some great information in the above posts so I'll just let you know what I do: working on 2d mobile games I optimize for android. For each level I use a 4096x4096 sprite sheet that is divided into areas for 32x32, 64x64, etc. This single sprite sheet does not take a great amount of time to load (anywhere from 4 to 16 seconds, depending on the phone) and once it's loaded all of the sprites are available without the need to load or bind anything else. I keep the number of colors down (128 typically) and export them as .png files which usually results in a file size of 300kb - 750kb. I hope this helps, good luck!