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  1. [quote name='sankrant' timestamp='1341563423' post='4956257'] and ended up at C++ (the point of saturation). [/quote] Change your mind about this phrase and you'll change your mind about the whole post. Do something someone hasn't. There are myriads of turing complete languages that will allow you to make the games you want, in different ways than you thought you could before. I recently started playing with Tk and SDL in Perl. Changed my mind about a lot of stuff (especially performance).
  2. Game Engine Camera

    No idea what you're asking. Stereo 3d games are done by creating a 2nd camera slightly offset from the first. There are corresponding buffers with the left and right cameras. Just like games now use a front and back buffer, these also use the new features of left and right buffers, for a total of 4. In addition to that software logic, there is also a special polarized monitor and glasses that separate which eye can see which buffers. That's probably not the best explanation but it's the gist of the current technology that I know.