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  1. Crafting System [ What is ideal ]

    Personally depend's on "why" the game has crafting. In my own opinion I enjoyed the Crafting from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, because it has a purpose, though do not get me wrong it could have a lot more added to it, in the way of diversity. worst crafting system I have seen would have to be WoW, I didn't see a purpose in it what so ever... If I was to make a crafting system that would keep me coming back, it would have to not be based on a recipe system but rather random material's are flung together to give you a chance at making X-Sword. though if you have a specific amount of one mat, it will make X-Sword become the Hyper-X-Sword.... (excuse the naming)... I am not putting this across very well. I will go see if I get note this down and come back with a proper explanation XD
  2. C++ problems

    Never mind, I see what the problem is with the way I did that -.-;
  3. C++ problems

    I am just going to repeat what you have already been told, where you have your if (attack == "a weapon" , should be if (attack == "a weapon" || "weapon" || "the weapon"). Also where you first create healthme and healthit declare the amount there.... int Healthme = 500; You should really look into the different operator's and method's of calling loops
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