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    Horror Story Help?

    I'm designing a psychological horror game that involves a cult trying to resurrect a long-dead deity. The problem is I want to try to be somewhat authentic with the cult's rituals and practices. I've been trying to research resurrection in occultism, but I'm not finding anything. Does anyone out there have any ideas for how a resurrection rituals could be done?
  2. wj97wolfe@aim.com

    Can Anyone Suggest A Good FPS Program?

    Thanks. But I will say that my game is definitely not a Zombie MMO. It's a FPS taking place in a mental hospital.   But thanks anyway!
  3. I am currently in the early design stages of a first person survival horror game called St. Abraham. I haven't started programming yet because I haven't been able to find a program that suits me. I don't have much programming knowledge (my dad does), and I only have 40-50 dollars to spend if necessary.   The program I'm currently looking at is FPS Creator, but it seems awfully limited in terms of entities and environments. Can anyone suggest to me a good program for making first person shooters?
  4. wj97wolfe@aim.com

    St. Abraham---First Person Survival Horror

    Ok.  I will give you credit though.
  5. wj97wolfe@aim.com

    St. Abraham---First Person Survival Horror

    Well, there are no "friends". There are some NPCs, but they are rare and invincible. It's a single-player game.   Although, that idea could be cool..........mind if I use it?
  6. wj97wolfe@aim.com

    St. Abraham---First Person Survival Horror

    There is a subtle way to tell if monsters are the real deal or not; their movements are somewhat different. For example, one hallucinated monster walks with a sort-of limp while its real counterpart doesn't. As for the voices, there really is no way. It's more of a "follow your gut feeling" decision. Of course, being led into a monster doesn't automatically mean death. It usually leads you into the path of one of the game's weaker monsters, not some huge hulking beast that can kill you in one hit. So even if you choose wrong, you can still get out unscathed.   I have started a wiki for St. Abraham: http://st-abraham.wikia.com/wiki/St._Abraham_Wiki   It should tell you all about the game's mechanic (on the main page for the game itself).
  7. Im working on a survival horror game called St Abraham, set in the St Abraham Mental Institution. Your character, Jay Donovan, is a man who killed his family because ghostly voices told him to do it in his sleep. The hospital becomes overrun with demons and monsters after he is admitted, due to the architect who designed the hospital being a cult leader who used a pentagram-like symbol used for rituals as the hospital's logo. The main gameplay mechanic is hallucinations. You will sometimes see monsters that aren't actually there. They will attempt to attack you, but they can't deal damage. You will also see ghosts and very other things to mess with your mind. You will also hear voices telling you to do certain things. Sometimes the thing the voices are telling you to do is something you must do to continue, but sometimes it's a trap that can lead you into a monster. So its a game about never knowing what the consequences of your actions are going to be. There is also sort of a lack of combat. You can defend yourself, but you only wield a small handgun with limited ammo and a wooden board as a melee weapon that breaks after taking enough damage. Ammo and health are scarce, making players ration supplies. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas, mostly for scares? Any things that could be changed?     EDIT-----------------------------12-27-12 There are five "hubs", each seperated by a boss. Now, I know most of you are thinking that boss battles diminish the horror, but these don't. Even during the bosses, you feel helpless. For example, the first boss is a large lizard-shaped thing with a line of anglerfish-like lights running down its side. The lights of the arena occasionally turn off, meaning you can only see the boss from its own body lights until the lights turn on again. Other bosses include an angry invisible monster in the sewers and a giant blob of human flesh.
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