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    College advice?

    @Dwarf King Thanks for the information. I'll keep that book in mind. I also have a couple of C++ books Iying around that might be helpful once I'm able to actually understand what they're talking about. Algorithms and trigonometry are listed in the courses so I should definitely learn it. Their CS degree also has a course for linear algebra though, I don't get why that course isn't in the Game Development program so I'll make sure to ask about it.
  2. PadMasher

    College advice?

    Thank you all for the pointers you gave. I have a better idea about what I want to do now and I have learned a little more about what I should be trying to learn. I know I'm taking a risk but, Game Design is something I think I'll truly love so I'm properly going to go through with Baker. I tried the decision grid Tom mentioned and Baker and ASU seemed liked the best choices and based on my sit-ins at ASU, I think I'll simply be too bored there. I suppose that could be considered immature but, I don't see myself getting a good education if I'm falling asleep in class. Also, Baker gives me the option to do classes online which I think would be better for me since I'm pretty socially awkward. I guess the only question I have left is what do you guys think about it? The school is private and non-profit so it seems pretty legit but, some people don't like the idea of online colleges. Anyway, I really appreciate the help you guys have given me.
  3. PadMasher

    College advice?

    @Bacterius Point taken. I've been talking to my Mom about this quite a few times and she tells me to follow my passion which I can understand because she made the mistake of not following hers but, she was trying to become a journalist. I think we're all in agreement that becoming a Game Designer (especially in the AAA market) is not easy and it would be nice to have somewhere to turn to if I'm not successful in Game Design though, she insist that I'm being too pessimisstic. I feel like she's basically forcing me into college at this and I'd hate to have to pay off student loans for a degree that wasn't really worth it. Also, I totally agree that there is too much in the way of simply playing the games nowadays. I hear a lot of complaints regarding things like DRM. They don't simply release the games anymore. It has to come with mandatory updates, DLC, etc. I'll remember to go easy on the tags next time. @DevLiquidKnight That's very good advice. I didn't know linear algebra wasn't covered in most courses. My mother and I weren't to impressed by UAT's curriculum after sitting in some of the classes. I liked all the technology they had there but, some of their classes looked kind of useless. Not only that but, you have to have one major (just programming, just animation, etc.) which I think really limits your skill set. I'm pretty disappointed to learn that it's this hard to get into gaming. I guess that's simply reality but, with the way a lot of publishers work, I'm not sure I want to work with them. I guess if I want to see my visions come to life I should just get a CS degree and work on games on the side? I was hoping I could make games for a living and make the kind of games I grew up with as a kid (which looking back was a pretty naive thought) but, I don't know how I could do that if the chances for success are that slim. I hear that indie gaming is starting to rise in popularity. Should I try maybe going the independent route?
  4. PadMasher

    College advice?

    @DevLiquidKnight I have read a few articles that did suggest that the Game Degrees could be a waste. That's kinda disappointing because gaming is one of the few things I'm truly passionate about but, you do make some good points. I've notice that the more I learn about gaming in general, the more irritating it becomes. I'm not saying that I hate games (far from it) but, I remember what it was like to blissfully play the games without worrying about what company made it or how good/bad its reviews were and so on. I guess what I'm saying is that I've already lost some of the "innocence" of playing games without knowing anything about them. I like to believe that I'm ready turn my passionate into work (though, if you love doing it, is it really work?)but, job security does seem like a big issue for some reason. I talked to some advisors over at UAT a few months back about job placements and they made sound like the only garunteed job you could get after graduating was Game Testing. Not to sound ignorant but, do you even need a degree of any kind to test games? I can understanding maybe having a computer science background but, you aren't writing any of the actual code when all you do is test it. That's why I was hoping Baker would be a good school since they boast about their employment rate but, I guess the question now is if I'm okay with being pigeon-holed into the gaming industry? I never had any major CS related interest outside of gaming now that I think about but, CS is still the only stable career I can think of that I would care about to even attempt to get a degree in. So maybe just go to ASU?
  5. PadMasher

    College advice?

    Hey, everybody. This is my first time posting here so I didn't know where I should post this question. I hope I'm not being disruptive by posting this in general discussions. Anyway, I need some advice about what to do about going to college. I have a few options already laid out (ASU, MCC, UAT, & Baker College) and I'm wondering which school I should go to. I'm currently filling out all my information to go to Baker which seems to have a pretty good Game Development program but, I'm still a little skeptical after hearing controversy about trade schools. I'm mainly interested in the design of video games (story, characters, level design, game mechanics, etc.) and sound (mainly music) in games. I was also considering CRAS but, I want to do more than just the sound for video games. I was thinking that since people with real industry knowledge frequent this site that maybe you could give me some advice before I make my final decision. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. (Sorry about the double post. I don't how that happened.)
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