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  1. Hello game dev! We are a (new) student indie game studio, and to celebrate the end of the semester we are holding a 7 day game jam! We are currently in the final 24 hours, and the game is looking pretty good! Basically, we're creating a 3 dimensional version of TRON or Achtung die Kurve, with fish. Basically, players swim through a level, leaving behind a line. If a player collides with a line, that player is eliminated. There are plans to implement special level features and power-ups, but we fear that won't be possible within the game jam time limit. We've been blogging our progress, and you can read all about it here: [url=""][/url] Also, our beastly 3d modeller has been screencapping his entire development process, and has been uploading daily videos to our YouTube channel. I highly recommend you check them out [img][/img] [url=""][/url] Some screenshots here: Concept art: [img][/img] Model: [img][/img] Current state: (with the awesome fish texture as boundary-wall thingy) [img][/img] We appreciate all the feedback we can get! Thanks for reading!