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  1. The issue is that the compiler (By standard) may not resolve function overloads which reside in multiple templated bases, you need to explicitly define which base to search in as such: template<typename T> struct Base { void Foo(const T& value) {} }; template<typename... T> struct Front : public Base<T>... { template<typename U> void ExplicitFoo(const U& value) { Base<U>::Foo(value); } }; int main() { Front<int, char> front; front.Foo(5); // ERROR: Ambigous (but not really) front.ExplicitFoo(5); // OK return 0; }
  2. Migi0027

    "Windows protected your PC"

    Then he will need to sign the executable with a certificate from a certificate authority like Verisign (Alt. see, even then the user may still get the smart screen block if the user base is small, where the extended validation certificate will clear that.
  3. Migi0027

    "Windows protected your PC"

    Google to the rescue. Check the "Off" option.
  4. Migi0027


    I'll miss you babe! Hopefully some day your schedule will allow for again.
  5. To the best of my knowledge there is no standard syntax for lambda types, however given a lambda typename T, one can extract the type information by pulling the structs () operator (I.e. the lambda function): template<typename T> struct LambdaFunctionTraits : public LambdaFunctionTraits<decltype(&T::operator())> { }; template<typename C, typename R, typename... A> struct LambdaFunctionTraits<R(C::*)(A...) const /*1*/ > { static constexpr UInt32 kArgCount = sizeof...(A); using ReturnType = R; using ArgTypes = std::tuple<A...>; }; // Example usage, F is guarenteed to be a lambda type template <typename F, typename TRAITS = LambdaFunctionTraits<F>> void Foo(F&& foo) { using R = typename TRAITS::ReturnType; using A = typename TRAITS::ArgTypes; } *1. Note that for mutable lambdas you would probably have to specialize for a non const function callback, but I have not implemented this yet so I can't say for sure. In case you need the argument list as a parameter pack instead of a tuple (Or whatever intermediate type you chose), you could expand it with a proxy function that would extract the types.
  6. Migi0027

    Fifth Engine

    Is Rube back? This should be fun!
  7. Migi0027

    Nobody Wants A Cybergod?

    I honestly can't tell if you're trolling or not, but let's assume not. Do you think you're the first guy to think of something that seems revolutionary on the surface? We've all done it, and most of the time we then come to realize how crap / unsustainable / etc... the idea really was, so we put it to rest and didn't rub our faces with denial. And to be honest I don't care you're in denial / whatever, I care that you're rubbing your arrogance in my face. What I personally think is happening is that you realized the amount of effort that's needed to become an expert / professional in this industry (Which I am not, but I'm trying) and have no wish to partake in the struggle, so you've decided to cling onto the extreme cases hoping to catch some luck and bloat about your "brilliance". That's not to say that you shouldn't try the extreme ideas, you absolutely should, but accept them for what they are. But given your responses.... F#ck it, you're a god of technology and science, just keep it to yourself until you've got something workable. Welcome to reality and I won't be your guide.
  8. Would this be a viable alternative? It's been a while since I've touched it, however it produces stable geometry at a nice price (0$ ).
  9. Migi0027

    I don't have an adblocker

    Sometimes ISPs block ads (Rare) and slow bandwidth can even fool the backend into thinking the ad was blocked. Another option is that any previous adblocker you had installed left something behind (Happened to me), try reinstalling the extension and then re disabling/uninstalling it. Other than that, you could always try to clear the browser cache and any cooking related to along with it.
  10. This is seriously awesome, thanks!
  11. Migi0027

    BIG3:Blender Inkscape Gimp

    All your youtube links redirects to "My Videos" (As in my account).
  12. Migi0027

    Blogs that are basically advertisements

    A suggestion. Whilst I do love the blogs, I think they could use some sort of grouping mechanism in a similar way that the different sub forums are segmented, or some way to more easily browse them such as a tiled grid with just the titles and an optional image.
  13. Migi0027

    Best way to achieve enviromental weather system?

    Paul your tone really isn't helping this issue, you appear both condescending and arrogant whilst constantly fighting everything people tell you. Do you want our opinion or not? Listen to Hodgman, he's a clever guy!  ^_^
  14. Migi0027

    The Truth: Literally Exposed

    I'm not sure what to feel.
  15. Migi0027

    Anyone excited for The Last Of Us 2 and Death Stranding?

    I have a weak spot for odd / strange / horror vibe trailers, so yes sir I'm excited! However I doubt that any story theory can be decrypted from the trailer alone.
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