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  1. I'm gonna openly admit it, i know next to nothing about how to make a game. Though i know some python programming, html, css, photoshop, music production etc, i have no idea how to get going about this game thing. The thing is, i have this great idea for a game. I dont think its been done before, i think it will be fun, and i see a way of making money from it. I would like to establish a team of people and create this game, but im not sure if thats how things work around here. Could anyway please guide me in terms of, how do i get started? How do i find the right people and how do i communicate with them etc. Thanks a lot
  2. Not exactly, just that i know nothing about who should own the IP and all the other details that should be clearified in the contract.
  3. Thanks I'm working on the Game Design Document right now. But wow, the contracts thing is comprehensive. Im not sure if i will be able to get all that sorted out.. :/
  4. Thanks a lot for the answer, though not a much optimistic one My motivation for doing this is not to make money though, it's to create something. I just see a way of making a profit from it if i was able to mash it all together to a game. Mostly, i just want to assemble a group of people and do this for fun, then see if we are able to make it into something great.
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