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  1. Aim using a vector?

    You could have a bullet be another collide-able entity, which is fired on a vector depending on the players aim. Then you just script out what happens when bullet entity collides with hit box entity.
  2. Help with isometric tile movement

    [quote name='Key' timestamp='1341778000' post='4957005'] [quote name='szecs' timestamp='1341738045' post='4956871'] It's hard to see what's going on. -So how is the coordinate system set up? -How do you handle moving animation? Does moving has some king of moving state with float coordinates? Or the player just pops into the on cell? Your code seems overly complex. Can't you use something like: -snip- ? This means the player will first move diagonally, than in a straight line towards the target. [/quote] I want the sprite to move through the center of each tile. With the code you provided the sprite moves diagonally through each tile. Let me draw up some examples. In the attached image. The thick black line is what I want to achieve, while the purple line is what your code achieves. [/quote] You say you want your coordinate system to be isometric, so why is your draw code not drawing isometrically? Perhaps I'm a little confused, but it seems like you need to modify your coordinate system to make movement more intuitive.
  3. XNA comes with network libraries for XBox Live and for Windows Live Games, both which require a subscription to be used. However, if you want your game to work over XBox Live, you HAVE to use their libraries. For a PC game using XNA, I would suggest lidgren: [url=""][/url]. It's a very nice networking library. I've used it for my current MMORPG project and it's very efficient.
  4. Make a texture for your loading bar and then when drawing it, multiply the width of the bar at 100% completion by the current percentage. Like so: [source lang="csharp"]Texture loadingTexture = LoadTexture("loadingBar"); float completionPercent = loader.PercentComplete; Draw(loadingTexture, x, y, loadingTexture.Width * completionPercent, loadingTexture.Height);[/source]