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  1. This is actually quite amazing and I can see the applications would be quite extensive. I can tell you I wouldn't mind purchasing this if I was allowed to inspect the code. I would probably still even if you didn't. In any case good work.
  2. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    deleted comment
  3. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    Aloha Aerin. I appreciate the support and the words of wisdom. Allow me to briefly explain why we decided to launch this system as a video game. I have often thought it would be wise to develop it as a stand alone program and I can't tell you how many more hours I have spent thinking it over. In the end I always come to the conclusion that for this system to reach its maximum potential, work effectively as a stand alone program and remain competitive on a global market it needs more than just a revolutionary modeling and rendering method. We decided that in order for this system to have the desired effect on the industry, it needs an intuitive and equally interactive IDE that is easy to use for even the most inexperienced developer. This approach presented its own obstacles and each solution had one thing in common, video games. It didn't take us long to realize that video games provide the perfect avenue on which to launch this new technology and overcome a few hurdles that were in our way. There are still a few hurdles remaining and with a little more funding the system will be complete. It will then launch as a video game that includes the IDE and teaches you how to use it by playing the game. The games we develop all have this in common, they serve the secondary function of teaching the average player how to use the IDE and create their own content to use in their own adventures and share with the video game community. We believe this to be the most effective approach for instigating the change we feel the industry is longing for. I still intend to freely distribute this innovation, but in order for us as a company to endure the revolution that is sure to follow we need to assert our own ability with the system and establish ourselves as the benchmark for its capability. I hope you don't take it personally, but I have to decline your offer to help us for free. I don't doubt your dedication or your skills, but as a matter of professional integrity I do not accept free work.
  4. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    In other news, I have just learned that a friend of mine will be joining the development team as a casual writer until we can secure more funding. He runs an online pen and paper Star Wars campaign that has been active for quite some time now. This is really exciting for me so I thought I would share it.
  5. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    Aloha Stormynature. The game you are referring to was a failed attempt at developing a The Legend of Zelda fan game. There were several factors that contributed to its failure but the main reason was a lack of dedication. I created a team of DIY developers from around the net and we agreed to work together at no cost to make our game. It only lasted for a few months before the team disbanded. You may notice the characters from the fight scene look similar to certain Nintendo copyrighted characters, it is because they are assets that were created for the failed fan game. My company structure pulls its inspiration from the command hierarchy of a maritime vessel. The chain of command model found on board a maritime vessel allows us to create an ordered structure to easily manage our workload and development process. The only writing I have published is through local media, i.e. newspapers, community magazines, etc. I have quite a few short stories and several in depth articles about the state of my nation. I do appreciate the thorough review of both myself and my company. Let me know if you have any other questions. @ FLeBlanc - I appreciate the review and I suppose the old adage "You get what you pay for" is quite relevant here. I totally agree that I would do well to have an elaborate and fully functioning demo, but until I can get more funding to continue development I will have to settle for what my own meager skills can accomplish. Honestly I don't think its that bad for being well outside my skill set. @ Aerin - It will be slow going, but I will eventually update the demo with a more in depth demonstration and I will be sure to let you know when I do. The system itself has no inherent limitations in regards to the amount of damage a single object can take, but everything is based off of real world physics and consequences so there is a breaking point for most things. The scenario you describe is one of the selling points of this system. All models can be made granular regardless of polygon count and will become completely interactive upon conversion. This allows us to have truly destructible environments and characters that suffer real consequences based on our vital points life system.
  6. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    I have updated the tech demo to include a short fight scene utilizing our granule modeling and rendering method. Please let me know what you think.
  7. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    deleted comment
  8. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    Indie Game - The Football Playbook

    This is really quite cool, although your title misled me in a good way. I was expecting American football or gridiron. In any case I think this is great. Job well done.
  9. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    I appreciate the vote of confidence and I agree that I should get a developers blog going. As stated before it is quite a juggling act to keep the development of this project going and getting our website up and running is next on the priority list. The company you are referring to is called Euclideon and their infinite detail technology is really quite amazing. It is not quite the same as our granular modeling but it is really close, the key difference being our string theory algorithm. NeoGenesis supports the Open Source and Free Software Initiatives and we intend to make our innovations available to everyone free of charge. The applications of this type of system are really quite extensive and we intend to produce designs for many of them. Our next update shouldn't be too far away and I hope to see you all there.
  10. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    Aloha Aerin. I have updated the Kickstarter video to include 3 simple demonstrations of the granule modeling and rendering system. The demo was created using the SPARK physics engine and Blender. SPARK is written in C++ using only the STL and Blender uses Python. This method provides the foundation for our game engine so technically its done in a 3D application. The algorithms used to control the granule emitter and the granules themselves are the major difference between a particle physics system and our granule physics system. The demo itself has very limited uses, but due to the extreme scalability of the method we are able to create entire planets rather easily. There are still quite a few finishing touches to be made, but we are steadily progressing. The end result will be environments that practically build themselves and can be destroyed down to a granular level. Let me know what you think.
  11. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    I have updated the Kickstarter page to include a simple tech demo of our rendering method. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Its a video only clip but I will update it in the morning to include a brief explanation and some additional features.
  12. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    The Dragon King, an innovative open world RPG

    Aloha Aerin. If you are asking if I have a degree in quantum physics, the answer is no. I am self taught. I appreciate the review and I do agree with the need for something presentable in lieu of industry experience. I am currently working on a tech demo and I should have it posted by tomorrow night. I managed to find Kickstarter in my search for the current license holder for the Shadowrun series and was surprised to see how well they did with their project. Of course they are well known developers and Shadowrun Returns has been a long time coming. I am glad you understand the original point of my post and I completely agree, I don't need Kickstarter but the format is a great way to share the project.
  13. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    Browser-based MMORPG [No Plugins Required] - Sagramore (Open Alpha)

    Would you mind if I asked what your inspiration was for this game? It is very reminiscent of some of the RPG's from the Super Nintendo glory days.
  14. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    You Choose The Price Promotion

    This is pretty interesting, do you do custom orders? Could I purchase a custom model and still get the deal?
  15. afakasisoljah@yahoo.com

    Necessary Evil - an upcoming FPSH game

    This is looking pretty good, I say job well done.
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