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  1. Modeler / Texturer Portfolio Review

    Thank you, Acotoz. The positive feedback is encouraging If you have any crits, though, just lay them on me!
  2. Modeler / Texturer Portfolio Review

    Thank you for the motivating feedback so far! [quote name='KenjiSenpai' timestamp='1341555370' post='4956230'] Nice work! You are indeed a good modeler and texturer. Here is what i have to suggest you: 1. 4 minutes for a gun and a m4 thats too much time for two little. Try making a fast paced video that lasts 3-4 minutes and presents at least 10 models. 2. include de polycount and resolutions of textures used 3. You made nice ARMA 2 model but that doesnt mean you're gonna find a job in the overcrowded FPS marker. Show the person who is going to watch this How versatile you are! Make fantasy stuff, real cars, sc-fi stuff. complex and simple objects. 4. Make living things! the most impressive things are animated human beings! If you make a human do magic and parkour at the same time people are going to be impressed! I ALSO SUGGEST NOT USING COPYRIGHTED MUSIC! [/quote] Thanks for the feedback. I was under the impression that it would be better to focus on hard surface or organic or environments or what-have-you. Is this not the case? And is the music a big problem? The labels seemingly have a deal with youtube that allow you to use the music under certain circumstances. Is it considered bad form or something? [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1341557957' post='4956238'] The chopper looks very nice [img][/img] but I can't really tell if you're an efficient [i]game[/i] 3D/texture-artist without being able to closely inspect the wireframes and the 2D texture sheets in detail. That said, the video shows you've got a 4k*4k, a 1k*1k and a 512*4k texture for the chopper's albedo? I'd prefer to see the whole model on a single sheet, instead of split over 3. Are there normal and spec textures as well? If so, that's something like ~200MiB of data uncompressed, or ~50MiB compressed, right? I guess that's acceptable for a high quality PC model, but it would a real feat to see if you can get the same quality level using only a single 2k*2k sheet [img][/img] ([i]not saying you should set yourself that goal, just that I'd be impressed![/i]). If you've got normal maps, did you paint a bump map by hand, or did you bake them from a high-poly model? Edit: Sorry I should've read your blog first! [quote]The in-game asset has ten visual LODs, including two 'pilot view' ones, four shadow volumes, and several other hit locations.[/quote]Experience with shadow proxies, LODs, etc is pretty good "real world" experience to have -- it shows you can deal with game engine specifics, and not just make pretty offline renders. I'd be interested to see you demonstrate these behind-the-scenes challenges more, instead of zoomed out fly-bys and being distracted by Arma2's landscapes and jeeps ;) [/quote] It is quite a lot of data. Usually, the assets in this game are split over several 2k textures. I really wanted the thing to look good up close, since the helicopters in this game are usually parked and you're walking around them or they're flying and you hardly see them. I'm having a lot of problems adequately showcasing all of the work that went into the helicopter. It has a full 3d cockpit with every bit of text legible in the cockpit. The LODs were very carefully done, and so in that flyby you're seeing the thing switch probably through at least 4 visual LODs on its way over. I do agree completely that flyby is inadequate. I wanted to show that the thing fits in the environment and it has nice features like it blow dust beneath it and stuff- and I thought the actual flyby shot with the sound effects I made was impressive but I guess it doesn't really show off my art very well. So, I guess I should quickly put some wireframe shots up on my blog and rework the reel a bit!
  3. Hello I'm looking for some feedback for my reel and portfolio. I have a certificate in 3d animation and am really aching to break into the industry. I would like some professional criticism on my portfolio and reel. I spent some time making very detailed game assets for a game called ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead, and some other things. I'm looking for some idea of how it appears, and if there is anything I should add or remove. Here is the reel: And my portfolio on blogspot: Any feedback will be carefully considered and greatly appreciated! Theo