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    AlbaLynx – is a library for creating graphical user interface (GUI). It can be used both for ingame interface (HUD, dialogs, inventory, etc.), and for various kinds of editors. Currently supports only DirectX 9, but in plans also support DirectX 10, DirectX 11, OpenGL and Linux. [url="http://rghost.ru/39090681.view"][img]http://rghost.ru/39090681/thumb.png[/img][/url] [url="http://rghost.ru/39090552.view"][img]http://rghost.ru/39090552/thumb.png[/img][/url] [url="http://rghost.ru/39090604.view"][img]http://rghost.ru/39090604/thumb.png[/img][/url] [url="http://rghost.ru/39090610.view"][img]http://rghost.ru/39090610/thumb.png[/img][/url] Here are some features of AlbaLynx:[list] [*]Due to the flexible template system, the appearance of the interface can be completely arbitrary. [*]Pretty simple mechanism for creating your own elements (only in C++). [*]Easy connection to your project. [*]Bitmap and vector fonts support. [*]Unicode support. [*]Supported by four programming languages: C++, C#, BlitzMax, Blitz3D. (Written in C++) [*]Headers converter for easy conversion of the header files into other languages. [/list] [url="http://www.albalynx.com"]www.albalynx.com[/url]