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  1. Pretty nice article and info here [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] I am just starting to get into SFX at the moment and wondered what kind of microphone is best as an "all rounder" to use in a home studio for SFX/voiceover recording?
  2. Plus 1000 points for paperboy reference! Here is an [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8e7g8kJIlo&feature=player_embedded#"]interesting video[/url] somewhat related to the topic of retro game sounds that I found inspiring: Eric
  3. Yeah, definitely! For these, I've actually been using the orchestral section of the Kontakt 5 sample library which isn't the worst in the world but not really authentic sounding, particularly in the articulation. I am seriously considering going for one of the EWQL orchestras at this point. Thanks for your advice/compliments
  4. What a great site, and what a great resource! Many thanks for sharing this here Eric
  5. [quote name='Aerin' timestamp='1342071084' post='4958260'] I have to add that I keep listening to the very first track on the Electronic Reel. The fade in and the entire short track sample is really great. The only down part is I have to keep replaying it every 40 seconds. I really want to hear the full version of that track! [/quote] Actually the first track (and the last track) of the Electronic reel are demo works in progress with not a whole lot more to them at the minute.. isn't it cool how you can trick people into thinking you have actual full tracks (But seriously, those are literally the only two that are incomplete!) The Ambient track you enjoyed is actually part of an EP that I'm releasing quite soon and is yet to be mastered properly etc. I'm really glad you like 'em, and as works in progress they'll all be finished before long. Keep an eye on my [url="http://facebook.com/deckard87"]facebook page[/url] for the uploads when they happen if you like [quote name='1337coda' timestamp='1342074580' post='4958269'] Nice music, I really like it. [/quote] Thanks, dude! I've done stuff for film etc but really can't wait to get my first project working on a video game.
  6. Thanks I'm actually using the Ableton Live 8 suite for most of my work. I can and have used programs like ProTools, Logic, Cubase etc but I have found Ableton to be so intuitive and user friendly as of late that I tend to stick with it for the time being.
  7. [quote name='cardinalgray' timestamp='1337093564' post='4940423'] Hi, [quote name='Moritz P.G. Katz' timestamp='1337089524' post='4940402'] I'd rather save up some money and go for Gold instead of the Silver edition. The amount of instruments and articulations more than makes up for it. [/quote] Thank you, I'll think about that. I'm actually drooling over this bundle: [url="http://www.soundsonline-europe.com/Complete-Composers-Collection"]http://www.soundsonl...sers-Collection[/url] Unforunately, too expensive for me now. [/quote] ..drooling over the same bundle! For orchestral stuff at the moment I'm using the NI Kontakt sampler soundbank which was bundled in with a really good special offer they had a while back on "Komplete" I have to say, was really impressed (overall) with the articulation and sampling in general. Here is an audioreel of some stuff using Kontakt in case you wanna check it out [url="http://ebrowne.bandcamp.com/track/orchestral-reel-2"]http://ebrowne.bandcamp.com/track/orchestral-reel-2[/url]
  8. Hi all! I'm brand new to both these forums as well as a composer for computer games. I have lots of experience in writing music across several different mediums but have always wanted to work with computer games and developers [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] Below is a link to my current audio reels in a couple of different genres. I'd be delighted to hear some feedback, answer any questions etc., and if you do happen to like what you hear I'll be regularly putting new releases out through my facebook feed: [url="http://ebrowne.bandcamp.com/"]http://ebrowne.bandcamp.com/[/url] [url="http://www.facebook.com/deckard87"]http://www.facebook.com/deckard87[/url]
  9. Really great advice all around - particularly the list of recommended reading near the beginning, Nate! Feel free to listen to my current audioreels as linked in my signature. Would love any kind of feedback as I'm just starting out properly as a composer for video games and film