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  1. What about a map that links classes to renderers? That way you can loop through all the entities and get the renderer for that particular type of entity and call Render.getRenderer(e); and then renderer.render(e). The renderer can know how to draw that particular unit with all it's different components and all. I used this in a game i made and it worked very well.
  2. Jh62

    Hellgates WIP [Multiplayer Topdown Shooter]

    Looks real good! Congratulations!
  3. Jh62

    Beginner Game Developing

    I never asked this when i started. I just searched for a good tutorial on Youtube to get started and once you get the basics you just keep going and making stuff. Best thing is to make that music player you always wanted or that sega game you thought you could do better. By this i mean: try to remake stuff that's already done and you will learn a lot. Understand the basics and then do whatever you feel like doing. The more you hit a wall, the more you learn. 
  4. Jh62

    Harambe Ruins | A Top-Down Shooter {Windows}

    Chuck Norris. What else you need :P
  5. Jh62

    Harambe Ruins | A Top-Down Shooter {Windows}

    There's not much to say.   The game plays well, but is so simple there isn't too much to elaborate.   I would suggest changing the blue ball to something nicer and maybe making hud icons for the mags and guns.   Otherwise than that, it's pretty good for what it offers.
  6. Jh62

    MineColony - sandbox game

    Too similar to Minecraft, but it looks great. Keep it up!
  7. I think your keyboard broke.
  8. Jh62

    Memes Wars multiplayer sandbox

    Awesome! Reminds me of  death match in OFP :P   Shame is only for Android.
  9. Im interested. Contact me when you can.
  10. Jh62

    Java Programming Hobby Group

    I program in Java using LibGDX as a framework.   I could be interested.    Send me a message of what you have in mind.
  11. Jh62

    Mastema out of hell

    Nice work!   The art work is very good and the music fits the game. The controls are simple and responsive.   I found a couple of things that I don't know if you are aware:   - You can fire and use power ups when you are dying/dead. - The "continue" button doesn't work. I could not keep playing from where i lost. - The first stage is "Stage 2" and the second and third stages are "Stage 7". - In the first stage, at this point:     If I don't jump when the platform breaks, there's no way I can reach the other side of the acid pit so I had to kill myself if I wanted to get to the other side. You should provide a way to continue or make some platforms reappear after a certain time.   And one suggestion: The continue button should appear after you die, not the first time you play the game (unless you can save your progress) and the continue button should be the highlighted option after a game over to prevent the player from starting a new game and deleting any progress made.     Keep up the good work! 
  12. I also program in Java using LibGDX. I just released my first full game (you can see link to it in my profile).   I'm interested in doing something, I don't care what as long as I like the idea. Motivation is all.   Contact my if you have something in mind.   By the way, I never worked in a team before and I have no idea how the organization or development works with a bunch of people. 
  13. Jh62

    Small Game Team

    Hi. I just released my first full game (a remake of Battle City with internet support) made in Java with LibGdx and Kryonet. Here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/682878-battle-city-multiplayer/   I'm open for new projects and having some fun.   Good luck!
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