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  1. Unni07

    How to learn game programming

    I know basic programming and my preference is c++. If I code a game in c++ can i port it to iOS or Android?
  2. I am keen to learn game programming but have no clue how to start...need help
  3. Hello guys,   I am working solo on an action based game project in UDK engine for PC. I want help in modeling and rigging. As I am making this game to strengthen my portfolio I don’t wanna waste time on modeling and  rigging. Gameplay is my focus. Can anyone suggest websites where I can download free rigged model? Or any other alternative solution to my problem
  4. Unni07

    Which Animation software

    Wow...thanks for the very detailed info.. I have maya...but will try to get 3Dsmax Thanks
  5. Unni07

    Which Animation software

    dont scare me. I have only 6 months to build this game and this project is the most important thing to me. At present I am in learning process of Unreal Engine with video tutorials. Any such materials for maya?
  6. Unni07

    Which Animation software

    Thank you guys. Yes I am a student. but i have a team to work with me so cost will be divided in 3 ways. Among 3D studio max Maya blender which one will be easy? My team mates and myself are comforable with programming but poor in animation. Which one is best suited for us?
  7. I chose to develop a RPG as my final year project and I am at a fix now. I decided to use Unreal Game Engine but have no clue about which software to use for graphics or artwork. Any suggestion or help is welcome. Thank you
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