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  1. It's ok, I have created a class Font, with the name and the font size in attribut, plus a function Get that return the TFF_Font*, so I won't have to create a TFF_Font* variable anymore. I replace Char* by a string. Thanks. =D
  2. I'm currently developping some class to make my life simplier in SDL (My life haven't been really simpler since) I have just create a classe named : Boutton, to create ... Boutton. The class have 3 attributes : [source lang="cpp"] char *b_t; SDL_Color b_ct; TTF_Font *b_p; [/source] B_t and b_p are pointer. I have to destruct them or I will have a memory lack. so I have added in my destructor the following line : [source lang="cpp"]MISC_Bouton:: ~MISC_Bouton () { TTF_CloseFont(b_p); delete(b_t); }[/source] Now, I have to create a copy and an asign constructor, My problem is, How I can do to do these [source lang="cpp"] MISC_Bouton (MISC_Bouton const& other) MISC_Bouton& MISC_Bouton ::operator=(MISC_Bouton const& other)[/source]) I already had that kind of problem with SDL_Surface* in my windows class but there are a function to [url="http://www.libsdl.org/cgi/docwiki.cgi/SDL_Surface"]copy SDL_Surface[/url] (SDL_ConvertSurface()) so I was abled to copy the SDL_Surface in himself and not the adress. So anyone knows something to copy a TTF_Surface and not the adress ? Thanks