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  1. Judge Tells Apple to Publicly Apologize

    It was about time somebody put Apple in its place. - Nauseating secrecy. - Unsatisfied Employees - Objective C is one of the worst languages in creation. Personally I think they are the #2 worst technology company today, #1 being Electronic Arts
  2. [quote name='Lil_Lloyd' timestamp='1342709739' post='4960954'] if angle > 0 && angle <= 180: left rotates left, right rotates right if angle > 90 && angle <= 270: up rotates right down rotates left if angle > 180 && angle <= 360: left rotates right and right rotates left if angle > 270 && angle <= 360 && angle <= 90: down rotates right and up rotates left [/quote] Or you can use radians, several game engines use radians instead of degrees, that way there's consistency in the math language throughout the whole code.
  3. FStream Problem

    edd's method is great, normally a while cycle is used. I normally use [source lang="cpp"]while (!file.eof()) { //DO THE READING HERE }[/source]
  4. [quote name='clb' timestamp='1342627071' post='4960524'] I did a quick evaluation of using JavaScript + WebGL [/quote] Tell me, how's everything with WebGL? last I checked only a couple of browsers supported it, and IE refused to support it. I was very interested some time ago on that particular technology, but forgot about it.
  5. What would the most expensive game be like?

    I just want to see the return of the classic joystick/button controllers. This new trend of motion detecting controllers it's just annoying, and no, I'm not lazy, I exercise several times a week. A videogame is to sit down and relax. But what I would like to see in videogames, is the return of the screen on the controller, like the Sega Dreamcast, that right there would enhance the playing experience by a lot! That's a sad story right there, the Dreamcast was a promising and revolutionary console, too bad Sega went bankrupt.
  6. Complete beginner

    Start with pseudo language, I don't know if there are books focused on that. But I am a great advocate to learn C++ as a first language if possible, my first language was Pascal, then I moved to C++.
  7. Yes, you can get hired. Imagine a game like any other software, when designing a business application, there are 4 major steps and design is one of them. Design probably is the most important step of them all.
  8. [quote name='Dzhimme' timestamp='1341709633' post='4956776'] Hello everyone on gamedev! I'd like to know where and how to start developing for Android. And can anyone suggest me good Android game engines or frameworks? Can somebody tell me what game engines are big companies like Gameloft or EA using? [/quote] First things first man, learn Java, after doing that, you can choose from the list that other members provided. Shouldn't be complicated, give it your best
  9. [quote name='ApochPiQ' timestamp='1342570204' post='4960261'] [quote name='Acotoz' timestamp='1342569936' post='4960258'] Ok, let me put it this way. When I reached the point of having an 83 rep, it went down to 60-something like in 5 five minutes, I checked out my voting history and turns out that nobody voted down anything during that period of time. I lost like 20 points because of a bug. How can I solve that? [/quote] First of all, you're giving off a [i]ridiculously[/i] childish impression with all this whining about your reputation score. 21 points is 7 upvotes. Go make 7 constructive posts and you're done. If you actually pay attention to all the good advice in this thread, and start trying to be a productive contributor to the community, your reputation [b]will[/b] be fine. I don't mean to be excessively harsh about this, but your attitude is starting to get seriously old. [/quote] All I'm trying to say is that the math is not right, at least for my case, people have been telling that there are bugs and several had told me that some stuff that happened to me shouldn't. Instead y'all are not seeing that there is something not right going on here. I take responsibility for all the down votes that I've received, but something's not right
  10. [quote name='slicer4ever' timestamp='1342570164' post='4960260'] check what you have received, ignoring what you have given, and what you would have received in logging in, that amounts to a net total of -20 points * 3 = 60 negative points, starting at 100, you should be down to 40 points, [/quote] So what you're saying that all the negative points cost -3 even those who were given by me?
  11. [quote name='phantom' timestamp='1342569646' post='4960254'] I also had a look at where your downvotes where coming from and frankly, yes. Most of your posts where either useless, trolling or just down right incorrect both in my opinion and the opinion of the community. [/quote] Ok, let me put it this way. When I reached the point of having an 83 rep, it went down to 60-something like in 5 five minutes, I checked out my voting history and turns out that nobody voted down anything during that period of time. I lost like 20 points because of a bug. How can I solve that?
  12. Well right now the trend is: C#, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Objective C and Java. But what's most important to me,personally it's not the number of languages you know, it's your ability to solve problems, languages can be easily learned, the ability to solve problems can't You have a good skill set. Try learning about databases and client side scripting languajes like javascript and the jQuery library
  13. [quote name='wyemay' timestamp='1342567136' post='4960231'] I'm going to study Computing in a university which gives these courses:[list] [*]Computer Organization and Architecture [*]Introduction to probability & statistics [*]Discrete mathematics [*]Linear algebra [*]Data, computing and information [*]Networked living [*]Data Structures and algorithms [*]Introduction to computer graphics [*]Software development with objects [*]Putting Java to work [*]Team working [*]Operating systems concepts [*]Mobile Computing [*]Relational databases: theory and practice [*]Developing concurrent distributed systems [*]Natural and artificial intelligence [*]Using mathmatics [/list] Is this major good for game development? If so, any advice? [/quote] My advice is this: pay special attention to Linear Algebra, almost all the concepts that they will teach you there are the ones that are applied to 3D computing. Artificial Intelligence can help you a lot, due to that hopefully they will teach you the AI basics. If there is one more class that I would recommend is Computational Theory, they teach you a lot about state machines, very very useful concepts in game development. Overall it's a very decent set of courses, I think you're going to the right path. Also, never stop learning by yourself. And never give up.
  14. I needed some data structures a couple of years ago, and I didn't feel comfortable using STL, so I wrote them myself. If you write them yourself, you will know the weaknesses and advantages of it, and also they are custom made, so there's a small sense of satisfaction. But I would stick to everybody else's opinion, use STL they don't cause that much overhead you think they cause.
  15. [quote name='Alpha_ProgDes' timestamp='1342568621' post='4960240'] It's not obvious to me. I started the thread not for "negative feedback purposes", such as the "voting system" but whether the system is working as it should be or better yet, as it used to be. Since I've started this thread, I've been more mindful of upvoting posts (not because I need points, mind you), but because they are helpful. I did it in old GD, I do it on SO, I sure as hell better be doing it here. [/quote] It's not working as it should be, If I give a +1/+3/+4/+5 to your post, that means it was somewhat helpful in general, how would you feel if other 4 people come and vote it down? At least I feel that something's not right. But that's just me.
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