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  1. But why do it at the end of the project? The whole point of code formatting is to make it easier to read and work on, which you wont be doing a whole lot of anymore. Reading over you code again to remember it is a good thing to do, but always signifies to me that if it's that complex to understand then it probably needs refactoring into smaller and more descriptive methods. Whitespace isn't always evil either and people like the author of Clean Code recommend using it to break unrelated code up.
  2. elobire

    First Game

    Same for me, but it went away after i died. I think you should change the balls to something without a particle type effect so the user can see where the colision boundries are.
  3. elobire

    Zombie Game With Fallout Feel?

    The problem i see about it being an MMO is that there are many competing games that are already being made. just look at how many of them have failed. I would really like to see a single player game more. Multiplayer zombie survival games just end up with everyone shooting each other and are no fun at all.
  4. Do some research into what systems games that have had alchemy in them before have used. I think Oblivion had a pretty decent one. You definetely need more ways to make potions than just a mortar and pestle. I think that would become tedious and boring pretty quick.
  5. elobire

    Zombie Game With Fallout Feel?

    The fallout: New Vegas game is perfect for a zombie survival. Hardcore mode has stuff like health and food requirements if you look at it. I think its a brilliant idea. the gameplay for New Vegas was slow paced and peacefull when you wanted it to be and fast when it was needed. What do you mean its bassed on Fallout though? Fallout 3/NV are completely different games to their predecessors.
  6. elobire

    How to start?

    One of these days I really need to check out some of these tutorials. I have heard, repeatedly, from people that are very good programmers, that these tutorials teach some extremely bad practices. [/quote] I tried to learn Java from him before and its terrible. He skips a lot of information that most books will cover and he never finishes any of his series. Their good if you wanted to look up something specific, but other than that stay away.
  7. Sounds exactly like every other zombie survival game (DayZ, Warz, Project zomboid, the list goes on), i dont see anything unique about this at all. There are so many simular games in development that making this probably will be a waiste of time.
  8. elobire

    A Simple Presentation for Beginners

    I agree that for a presentation its a lot of text and probably would be more suited towards a word document. Could do with going more in depth. It kind of leaves me (as a beginner) wondering where to go after reading that.
  9. elobire

    Fantasy RPG Without the Adventure

    To be honest, it sounds boring. I do enjoy those parts of RPG's, but if that was the only thing in the game it would become pretty dull. It would just anoy the player if you did nothing wrong and sudenly a random even caused bandits to raid your village and kill you and for some reason you cant defend yourself.
  10. elobire

    Inventory Screens...

    Would be good to have an enlarged picture of the item and then have some description of the item next to it when you hover over it.
  11. Just had a bit of a thought. If you made some maps so that you have to hold out from the enemy for a certain period of time, then you win i think it could be quite fun. I remember some of the best games i played where on maps where you had no chance at all at winning (lots of maps like this on BFME2), but it was fun to see how long you could hold them off for.
  12. I think however you try to do it it would become inballanced. Say for example one team has to own 80% of the map. You would then have to make sure thats just as easy to do as the other sides objective, which means altering the map layout to do so.
  13. Morrowinds system was better in some ways. It allowed for the player to get much more information and a better background story. I guess it also made it easier to make new quests because actors only had to say a few words, which where used repeatedly. Although it had its flaws. Its much less unrealistic and not as memerable. You recalled the rat lady from oblivion, but there was a almost identicle person in Morrowind, but you dont really remember her partly because she didnt say much. I dont think permadeath is needed to make you worry about danger. If you really get into a game you will always be worrying if you die. Of course being able to save before you make the decission, kind of reduces the worry though.
  14. I always thought Oblivion and morrowind did the best exploration. I think what you have to capture is a sence that you are 'safe' in the cities, but outside your in danger. Morrowind did this brilliantly. I cant stand games that feel like your going for a walk in the park, when you really should be worrying about the danger of it all. Games should also have little side quests and stories put in for any small towns and caves and that sort of thing. Its interesting to go into a bandit camp and find a letter they wrote about their next plan, even though it doesnt actually effect anything.
  15. I started using blender a couple of years ago, but didnt get verry far with it. One tip i can give is to find a guide on customising the windows. I spent ages changing the perspective of the window everytime i wanted to see a different side at the start, but then i realised i could set up 4 windows viewing each part i was modelling.
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