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  1. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    M.I.T's Battlecode

    I just know robocode...
  2. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    Losing interest in game development...

    This feeling is normal. Complete something to be proud of yourself, this just happens when you see your projects working. You are young, don't think you are failling. The great things come with time.
  3. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    How many hours do you program in a day?

    Something around 20 hours/week. 
  4. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    Newbie with questions!

    I almost suggested SFML, but I haven't experience, so, I think is better keep myself neutral about it... What you want to mean when you say this? This is new to me.(SDL doesn't handling sprites in hardware.)
  5. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    Newbie with questions!

    2) SDL have enough features to your project. I'm not sure if the other libraries that I know are "better" to your purposes. 3) SDL doesn't have native scaling/rotation functions... But you can use SDL_rotozoom. it's a extension of SDL (not sure if this is the correct definition). All the SDL_rotozoom functions are to rotate and scaling images.
  6. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    OpenGL : Where start?

    Thanks for the advices.
  7. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    OpenGL : Where start?

    Do you have any advices about algorithms that I probably will need to use when start on 3D? Or ideas of small games that I should make to put my skills on prove?
  8. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    OpenGL : Where start?

    Once I've mastered SDL, I think is time to go forward and go for some 3D applications to learn more. I choosed OpenGL to study, but I really don't know how to begin... What are the basics of OpenGL? How can I improve my skills to start programming small 3D Games?
  9. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    allegro+code::blocks install...

    This setup is just applied to a new project. What you can try is setup the lib the same way, but instead of click (project name) >> build options >> linker settings, you click settings (on IDE menu) >> compiler and debugger >> linker settings and keep following the tutorial. I didn't installed allegro 5, but i'm almost sure this will work.
  10. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    L want design a mini game,what game can l choose?

    If the game that you are interested is big, you should try to replicate each of his features in small projects to learn how each part of the game works.
  11. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    L want design a mini game,what game can l choose?

    The best choice is the one that will teach new things. I never programmed a RTS game, so, few weeks ago I decided to try, and I learned tons of things... It really depends on what you think that you is capable to do at the moment and what you want to learn right now.
  12. Petris Rodrigo Fernandes

    L want design a mini game,what game can l choose?

    I like this list: Pong -> good to learn about basic collisions and keyboard input Tetris -> More collisions, the main thing to learn here is about data structures and more collisions Vertical Scrolling Shooter -> More collisions, BUT... the main objective here is learn how sprite animation works and make different enemies behaviour Pacman -> The first step on AI. Platformer -> here you will put all the knowledgement of the games above. Think about his as your final test.
  13. The thing what I know as sprite buzzing is the sprite moving backwards and forwards rapidly for a moment, but I only notice it when I'm using primitive images. It's hard to notice it when you are using sprites and the application screen is setted to resolutions bigger than 800x600.
  14. 1) I think not. 2) How did you checked if the flags SDL_HWSURFACE and SDL_DOUBLEBUF were applied? I always used those flags together and never got the "sprites buzzing" problem. 3) Post the code that apply alpha blending to the images, then I can try help you.
  15. You must call SDL_SetColorKey BEFORE blit the desired surface. A good practice is load the image on the beginning of the application, and set the color key after. (Sorry if I wrote something wrong.)
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