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  1. Agree on the pain of JRE, hence I do plan to use an AOT to ship as an EXE. Whilst I'm sure this is horrible in some ways, it does solve the problem of people who don't play Minecraft. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I do wish I'd chosen something else (LÖVE i'm enjoying) to develop in.
  2. Could you possibly try just running Survive.jar from the ZIP file? I uploaded a new version last night that fixes a 'stand still and it crashes' bug (which I think is due to a change in Java library behaviour but not sure) The controls not working is interesting, I will have to look and see if the newest LWJGL library has changed something (I quickly updated it to fix the Java security changes, didn't re-test properly)
  3. Hi, sorry, I'd missed out some of the random new Java settings that apparently are needed in Manifests now.
  4. I was after feedback more on the game, less on the issues of distributing Java based works :) The need for natives (LWJGL) and so on make it a bit more than just 'export runnable jar', I'm sure if the game was worth of release I could Google my way to solve those type of problems ...
  5. Hello everyone,   I posted an early version of this a while back, and due to a lack of artistic skill (me) or resource (someone else) put it on hold. I also found it painful to distribute Java applications in a user friendly way. I've decided to dust this project off a bit and get some feedback, maybe some motivation and even perhaps a designer/artist to help shape something.   You can download a ZIP of the game here, just run Survive.jar. If you want to test the Java-less install, it's here. The Windows Installer, Applet and JNLP do not work currently for various reasons (one of which being I can't remember how to build an EXE in Eclipse)   Anyway, interested in some feedback or any offers of help :-)   Kind regards, Ian
  6.   I'll add right CTRL as an attack shortcut too. The issue with not hitting is the collision is with your sword, which if you stand on the skull, your sword spawns off him. Need to fix that!
  7. [quote name='Khatharr' timestamp='1357080252' post='5016494'] * Seems like pets wait for you to take damage before they defend you. I had like 4 HP and my army of cats would not attack the enemy because I had to run away lest I take any damage. * WTH is going on with the timer? * My inventory vanished consistently. I need a place where I can safely store more branches. * Is the crafting system implemented yet? I dunno if that was just my inventory vanishing or if the system isn't there yet. * I eventually ended up going up a staircase that somehow led underwater. I could not move and I seemed to be offscreen. There was a label on the top bar that said 'oxygen:' but there was no accompanying display. [/quote] * Yeh, I guess this could be changed from defensive to aggressive pets, maybe a stance thing? * Yes, time is somewhat accelerated so I can test the day/night cycle you can see when outside, it should run at 1 second = 1 minute i think. * Hmmm, this sounds like a bug! * I think this is due to the randomly generated map allowing the player to spawn inside solid walls/water. But I'll check it's not something else.   Thank you for testing, it's great to get feedback!
  8. I've no idea if etiquette is to reply or create a new topic, so I'll go with a reply...   As well as never ending technical tinkering I have updated the website to offering a choice (move your mouse over the logo) of windows installer (exe, does not require elevated permissions, it's not signed though so you get a load of warnings), a java web start (probably the 'best' in terms of effort & benefit of auto update), the existing applet and a ZIP of the game.   I have also made a little tutorial level to guide through the game features a little more. I've also included some background music (m turns it off), which has made the download a little larger (still only a couple of MiB).   It is as usual available here: http://fortune3.to/game   My general view is technically it is about feature complete, and bug removal/ease of use should be the technical focus. Content should form the bigger focus. Do people agree?
  9. Thank you for the feedback Verik :-) The first map is very much a "everything in one place for testing" and not a proper level. Auto pickup I think is probably one I'll revert back to. Regards the mouse I coded it in, then out, then in again. I agree pickup is NOT a winning use case for the mouse. The main bit I'm playing with is crafting, you can see this on "p". On the random map you can hit grass to farm it, pick it up, then activate from inventory to craft. Item creation is broken currently as I'm torn between a Minecraft like placement craft table or just a list of items, which is better for more complex patterns. The game also has stats (press c) with xp and levels, damage types etc.
  10. I disabled the music due to copyright issues on the MOD I was using. "." picks things up, then you use the inventory (i) or 1-0 to equip a weapon. I'm not sure if auto-pickup is better/worse, but there is a weight limit to the inventory. The dogs (who are cats!) are (a test of) pets so they help you / annoy you. It autoscales based on desktop resolution, window resizing kinda works ish, a bit.
  11. I added a link to download standalone, as applets are full of all these issues...
  12. People don't like java applets nowadays. [/quote] I know, but it's the least effort way of putting something up there. It also runs as a normal jar.
  13. Hello, First of all apologies if this is the wrong place, or wrong content, to post here; this forum seemed the most appropriate. I've been hacking away at a 2D retro game in my spare time (of which there is not a great deal with a family and a job!) and I'd like to see if anyone would provide any constructive feedback. I am most definitely not an artist (some would question if I'm even a coder) so I accept looks may not kill. The game is Java based and is on a site as per below, I hopefully won't be bankrupted by bandwidth charges! The VM is not the fastest in the world so on the first play, when it downloads the LWGJL stuff, it might take a while. Applet: http://fortune3.to/game/ Download: http://fortune3.to/game/survive.zip NB: It requires Java to be installed, and the Applet will have permission popups as it's not signed properly. Anyway, any feedback gratefully received! Regards, Ian
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