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  1. Level design (as a career)

    I'll start making a portfolio based on everything that I've done significant or not, I think. (C# Programs, previous mods I made for different games and such) but I do see your point, I'll generally try to take courses that'll make it easier to 'break into' the industry of gaming design, if there's any games you can recommend that come with or have a level editor, please tell me. (Through this topic or PM) (None of the Fable series have any level modding, I know from past experience that it's basic at the most [img][/img] ) [quote name='RedBaron5' timestamp='1341864155' post='4957393'] Tip: Get some graph paper and draw them out, then try to create them. I tried creating my levels on the fly in the modeling software I use and it was a disaster. Drew them out and it was a simple process of recreating what I had drawn on the screen. [/quote] Thanks for that point, I tend to mix ideas up and turn out with nothing as I've done in past mods. So this will definitely help me! Once again, thanks for the replies.
  2. Hello everyone, it's my first post in this forum (and like most usual first posts, I'm asking for help) I want to become a level designer, whether it be through modding (SWBF2, Fps games, adventure games - anything) or using a game engine or programs like maya, blender etc. Or possibly a mix of everything. I'm wondering what is best for beginners? I've heard that Unreal Engine 3 is a good start, but I'm unsure (and unwilling to get throttled to try and test it) But what exactly do I need to become one - I have college in a year or so, but I'd like to get a head start. So what do I need? And by that I mean any qualifications, what programs should I start to learn to use and what engines should I try to learn and any other useful information. Thanks in advance.