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    XRay Unreal Engine 4.5 source code

  2. Fairywingsrpg

    Basic OpenAL sound manager for your project

    Good article, but I'd like to point out some typos.   "Second headache may be caused if a file is not looping or is short enough, to be kept in buffers only. For this, you take the duration of an entire sound and subrtact prebuffered time from it."   "This time is, hovewer, not correct."
  3. Fairywingsrpg

    how to go about implementing sub-region rendering?

    Generally culling is the way to go, but we don't know his intentions.
  4. Fairywingsrpg

    how to go about implementing sub-region rendering?

    Use a bounding Rect encapsulating all draws to the screen. Track your draws to the screen and clear only the area according to the Rect.
  5. Fairywingsrpg

    3ds Max 2015 Review

  6. Fairywingsrpg

    Attack of the Clones

  7. There's a spelling mistake in the third sentence.
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