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  1. can someone tell me what art style was used here?

    I was in a hurry to finish the project which I created in just 10 days for a competition, so practicality wasn't one of my first objectives. If it was a larger or longer project then I would have been a lot more practical with my design. [img][/img] but sometimes time is not a friendly mistress.
  2. Free 2d/3d art assets '09!

    [url=""][img][/img][/url] I would also like to add my website's free area: [url=""]http://gamedesignpla...rchive_free.php[/url]
  3. can someone tell me what art style was used here?

    [img][/img] Here is an example of a Sci-Fi ship I made a while back. It uses the Sci-Fi blue theme. Don't mind the intense contrast, I made it for a game i made in a week for a competition.
  4. Easy programming language

    [b]I second that motion for Game Maker!![/b] Only if its going to be a 2D game. GML as a programming language is like a flexible, simplified, easy to learn version of C. Also now with the new version you can port it to a bunch of different devices. [url=""][/url] if you decide to check it out.