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  1. Getting Games Done

    When I started to read this article I knew it's going to be very useful as soon as I reached the definition of the "5,1,1 routine". It's simple, well explained and I can really see potential in this. It proves that the psychological/motivational aspect of game development is as important as any other thing. Another thing is the ever needed reminder about the tools that make development more efficient. Good job on the article. :)
  2. Introduction to Game Programming with CUDA

      Very soon, I hope. The specification just went official. :)   https://www.khronos.org/news/press/khronos-finalizes-opencl-2.0-specification-for-heterogeneous-computing
  3. Introduction to Game Programming with CUDA

      Thanks to this article I've been looking thru the Khronos Group website (CUDA seems fun but is limited to nVidia hardware only, so I began research on OpenCL) for some time and found the official C++ specification for OpenCL 1.2. I'ts just a C++ wrapper for the C API, but at least you get some OOP out of it. Sadly I don't see anything like that for OpenCL 2.0 for the time being. I'm posting a link below:   http://www.khronos.org/registry/cl/
  4. Introduction to GameMonkey Script

    Sounds nice. I'm definitely trying this out. In my case the C-like syntax works in favour of GMS (I would like to keep everything in as fewer languages as possible). The only thing I find lacking in this article are some numbers about efficiency, but perhaps it's a topic for a whole new article: comparing the speed of GMS and Lua. Has anyone any knowlegde about which one of those is faster and would like to share? ;)
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