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  1. Hi, I am an 18-year-old high school student. These are the last months of my school now and I need some advice from you guys regarding my future as a gamedev. I need to choose a university (or work/set up company?), generally I ask myself a question: what to do next?   I've been thinking about it a lot, because I really need to apply soon and it struck me that... my game development skills are my worst curse. :-( I have been learning programming since I was 7 and, as you can imagine, I managed to learn quite a lot through this time. In short, I can program in c++, c# and full web development (JS, css, html, jquery, all that stuff), software engineering, agile stuff, etc. I've been working on projects for real money and I also sell stuff (XML Localization) on Unity asset store. Countless courses on Udacity and so on. Now I work in my own indie team with a few other guys from around the world in Unity and UE4.   I read through programming curricula of a few unis in my country (Poland) and it turns out that there is little I could learn from them. Seriously. So I'm wondering, if instead I could pick a very different degree just because I'm interested in some other stuff too and then work in gamedev anyway. So, I'm really asking whether I could get a programming job after my own studio failed coutless times and I'd need money.   It's not that simple though. As you can probably imagine, as a child I didn't complete many serious projects. Now I'm a bit older, but serious projects take serious time. I can demonstrate my skills, but I don't have a nice portfolio built up. Sure I can dig up some pretty impressive work from the past like an octree-based voxel procedural world (minecraft with blocks as small as you wish) made in Unity. I have what i sell on Asset Store, etc but these are not complete projects with thousands of downloads.   So what would you recommend? Doing the programming degree, that probably won't teach me much, or doing something else while building my portfolio? Or maybe I should get an internship somewhere? (if  you happen to offer one, I'd happily agree to join). Look, guys, this post is not so that I can boast about how awesome my skills are. I just spent all these years on hard work and would really like to hear your opinions so that I don't have to go back in time and start all over again at uni, because that would really hurt.   Thanks, Jarek    
  2.   Ok, let's say now I have a bunch of ideas that take tens of hours rather than hundreds. FGL seems great. But they seem to mostly care about flash/html5 games, whereas my tool of choice is Unity. I'd like my game to be distributed as standalone and mobile, but not web version (really, who wants to download Unity Web Player...? or am I wrong). FGL doesn't do standalone, right?     I think that will be our first project as I have an unexperienced guy in the team and Alphadoku seems to be the easiest project. So, do you think FGL is a good place for such a game? How YOU would publish it?
  3. Hi! I cannot live without game development even though I know how difficult it is to make a successful game. Well, the easiest path to go is to focus on some 2D mobile game to get the highest chance of success (or am I wrong?).   However, with Unity 5 released now, I see how many new fantastic features are there in the world of 3D. I want to use them so much! Just sit, do some level designing, place and adjust some lighting, maybe even write a bit of a storyline and not just code some super fancy logic for a puzzle or circles vs triangles kind of mobile game!   I have a team of about 3 people. I wanna ask you guys, if it is by any means possible to create a game competitive to some market that is 3D and involves even a bit of a story, items, and just classic game design job like level design and not only spending days in code to create some fancy new puzzle that doesn't exist yet.   Also, if I currently have no "graphics guy" what are my options to make the game look good enough that sb plays it?   Just help me start out! I have a lot of programming experience, some people, but no game put on the market yet. I'm just a bit scared of devoting hundreds of hours to a game that no one will play. I know there is no recipe, but you are far more experienced than me in terms of game publishing so please give me some sort of advice to start.   Thanks! Kiel368
  4. Kiel368

    Surviverse 0.1

    In this album you can see some early-dev footage of Surviverse - a next-gen open-world sandbox game. See the projet's website for more info about the game: surviverse.com. Download available!
  5. WebGL and interactive rendering in browser is awesome....
  6. Kiel368

    Alternative minecraft

    Maybe i'll made regional stone, meaning particular biom is connected with particular type of stone.
  7. Kiel368

    Alternative minecraft

    I decided to make normal voxels 1x1x1, breakable into 8x8x8 which makes 512 (of course allow terrain generator to use smaller blocks). It is actually possible (with LOD), and with good saving alghorytm, it's even possible to save. Other ideas i liked: -Shader effects -Safe game at the beginning, becoming harder -Monsters breaking through blocks to kill you -Player is not able to dig deeper than a couple of meters in the beginning. -Take some ideas from Minecraft Mods Thanks for all. Project status: Will be started next week.
  8. Kiel368

    Alternative minecraft

    Good idea about dividing blocks then you're close to them. I'll see what i can do. Maybe 3 levels of detail. For blocks that are further than 75 blocks, no divisions, for blocks further that 20 divide into 8 smaller, 10 - > 20 division into 64. 0->10 - 512 But there's a problem with saving those divisions on hard disc....
  9. Kiel368

    Alternative minecraft

    That's great set of ideas. My imagination says, that it would be very interesting with those effects. Those effects will make game realistic without dividing blocks fe into 64 smaller. Thank you very much. I checked out Terasology. Nice game. It has really epic terrain generator. It's open source, so maybe I could see how their terrain generation is written, to have some base for mine.
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