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  1.   Didn't make a difference. And I sent a message with the links to the files.     Because I didn't know about TextureAtlas before, and the player character's texture is pretty much the ONLY texture in the game at this stage. Hehe.
  2.   Yup, the console told me about an out of memory exception when I used ImageIO. But I still can't get the program to run. I set the heap size, it's not enough to make a difference. And Eclipse can't create VM if I increase it. Does it have to be powers of 2?
  3.   Also tried with other values like 512|1024. Didn't have an effect.
  4.   It worked with some random image I picked that was 1024*1024, but not with the 16384*4096 image that I need. The error is "Failed to open image <file>." Which leads me to think that my image might be corrupted in some way.
  5.   The PNG seems to be taking up 1,41 MB of space on my drive. Or do you mean that it goes through some sort of decompression process which results in the image being 268 MB?   Anyway, I installed the .dds plug-in for my CS4, but it didn't save the file as a .dds no matter what I tried. Do you know of another method instead of dxt compression?
  6. Hello, this is my first post here. At least, I think it is.   I'm developing a 2D game with libgdx. I have a PNG that contains the animation sheet for the player character. Naturally, it has transparency. At first, it was 8192*4096, but I needed to add bigger animations that didn't fit in 8192 pixels. So I increased the width to 16384.   That's when the problem started: some exception popped up in an irrevelant part of the code. I made sure that THAT part wasn't faulty, and tracked the problem to the Texture object. libgdx refuses to load that image to GPU. No exceptions or anything about this, I just have a null Texture object. The weird thing is that it DOES work if I modify the PNG to one that doesn't have transparency.   So if I have a PNG that's 8192 pixels wide, it works, transparent or not. But if the PNG is 16384 pixels wide, it doesn't work if it has transparent pixels. What's up with that?
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