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  1. Mondegreen

    Playtest Chickens n Kittens!

    I uploaded a new version that should fix a few bugs. I also edited the post above and added a link to a video. Check it out!
  2. Mondegreen

    Marketing help for my game

    The biggest goal was just to get new people playing the game and see if it was fun and what we needed to change/add to make it better. Finding bugs would be nice too. But we've already done a little playtesting on actual iOS devices, but getting the game installed on a device is kind of an ordeal (even when using something like TestFlight) compared to just downloading a .zip and running it. I thought offering the game as a free download for Windows would be an easy, almost-as-good way to get lots of testing.
  3. Mondegreen

    Marketing help for my game

    Oh, good point. I never mentioned that. The game will eventually be for iOS, but this playtest was for Windows.
  4. Mondegreen

    Marketing help for my game

    I did post a link to the game on another forum, and got a couple downloads. Since this is just a playtest I preferred to start small... but not this small. I'm sure I need to learn a lot more about marketing. But at the same time, this was just a playtest. I expected it to be simple. Just write a "hey, play my game for free!" post and that was it. Apparently not. In fact, this wasn't the first playtest I've done. The previous one turned out exactly the same. No downloads. Either the game looks horrible (I don't think so, but I'm biased) or I'm doing something very wrong.
  5. This is sad. I posted a link to my game in the Announcements forums, got 52 views (at the time of this writing), and 0 downloads (I don't just mean 0 replies, I mean 0 downloads). So now I guess my question is why. Is there something wrong with what I posted? Is the screenshot boring? Does the game look or sound boring based on what was posted? What can I do to improve the appeal?
  6. We're looking for playtesters for our game, Chickens n Kittens. [media][/media] The object of the game is to protect your chickens from the kittens who are trying to eat your chickens- without hurting the chickens in the process. So, we're looking for playtesters who can play the game and make suggestions on what needs to be fixed/improved/changed. Any feedback is more than welcome. The game is planned to be released on iOS devices for $2 - $5, so let us know what you think needs to be done to get the game worthy of that price (be honest! Be brutal!). You can download the game here and either use the form on that page to give feedback or post it right here. Thanks!! Edit: Just to clarify, the playtest requires Windows and an OpenGL 2.0 capable graphics card.
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