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  1. Please rephrase the question. Are you asking people to invent company names for you?[/quote] No, I just need some help to find name ideas, to give me a lead.
  2. Also, if you're going to be forming a company you should consider going to your local city center or city hall and finding information on how to register your company name in either LLC or LCC. Example: UltraAwesomeName .LCC/.LLC[/quote] I guess it works like this in USA but we're French (that's also why my English must be imperfect). Anyway, I'll have to ask about company creation in France. But before I have to find several ideas of name I could choose and that's what I'm currently looking for. The problem is that it seems that, unless I create a new word, it's really difficult to find a good usable and available name for a company.
  3. I apologize for the mistake, I didn't know where to post, sorry. So, I wondered whether it could be a good idea to invent a word (I mean, take two words and combinate them or use a word that doesn't exist). For instance, I was thinking at something like Vegared Studios or Vegared Entertainment (both are avalaible in .com, like vegared-studios.com). At one point I wanted to use "Octopus" in the name, because I love Lovecraft, so I thought that it could be a good idea but the problem is that I can't use it like this (because octopus-studios.com and octopus-entertainment.com are already taken...). So I should have to modify the word as it will keep its meaning but being usable and it's difficult... I know that, even if we are just amateur, the name is very important and that's why I need your help to make the good choice.
  4. Hi everybody, We're a french young team of developers and we make video games for PC, XBOX 360 and Microsoft Phone. But before, we currently are looking for a name for our company. The only certainty we have is that the name we'll choose will have to finish by something like "Entertainment", "Software", "Game Studios", etc. The name doesn't have to be only in English but should be pretty, rather short, easy to pronounce and available almost in .com. Thanks for your help
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