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  1. Shippou, do you remember the time and resource that you put in the game?
  2. Any other experience in developing a game?
  3. OK, so each of us need to focus on one part of the work. Seems fair.
  4. Looks like 12 years is a bit too much for us, but hopefully we don't want to develop our own engine!!!! ;-)
  5. Hi all, I'm an experienced programmer, but not specifically in game dev. I've got some friends (all dev geeks!) who would like to join me to create a casual game in a virtual world. To know what we sign for (!), we want to know what is your experience of schedule/size of the team, as a function of the game, using an engine like Unity. Could you answer with your experience: - engine used - game (if you can provide a link to see how more complex it is compared to what we want to do) - the time it took to get a beta version - size of the team? Thanks !!!
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