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  1. I have try to implement these steps, but i'm having two problems.  First @ point 1 i take just the projection? what about the view? My second Problem is that i don't have a pixel based coordinate system. I' using Stage3D - An Flash Based Engine. My Output Values in the Shader must between 0-1. But when i delete step 3 i'm between 0-1 , but the labels still positon wrong. When i take the final vertex and multiply it against the ortho projection i see nothing - something wrong, don't know what. shaderV = "mov vt0 va0\n" + // Label Vertex "mov vt1 va1\n" + // Label Position // 1) Take the point of the object and multiply it by the [edit: perspective] projection matrix. This gives you the point in clip space. "m44 vt2 vt1 vc0\n" + // 2) Take the point in clip space and normalize its W-component "div vt2.xyzw vt2.xyzw vt2.wwww \n" + "add vt2 vt2 vt0\n" + "mov op, vt2\n" +
  2. Thank you very much for this info - i will try it today with my code. One thing is not really clear for me - On point 1 i take the world coordinate and multiply it with which projection - with the ortho or the perspective projection matrix?    Thanks.
  3. I'm using the World Position from the Label/Object(The Positions are the same) and the ModelViewProjection Matrix. I'm render the object with the same Matrix, only the Projection is different from the object rendering. When i render the label with the perspective matrix in the MovelViewProjection it look right, but perspective.
  4. Hi,   i have a simple question, because i'm a little bit confused. My scene render in perspective projection well, now i will overlay some Labels and other stuff without perspective. So i create an ortho perspective and render the stuff with this new projection. But the positions on the screen dosn't match. The label is not over the object. Why? I don't understand it. projection.perspectiveFieldOfViewLH(fov * Math.PI / 180, width / height, zNear, zFar); projectionOrtho.orthoLH(width , height, zNear, zFar); I'm using an fov of 45 degree. Have somebody some idea why the positions dosn't match?   Thanks.
  5. Hi, i'm having a really big problem to understand the pointAt function from stage3d. I think that pointAt does the same like lookAt in OpenGL - But i don't get it right. Target: I need a simple Camera with a target, like a target camera in 3D Max or Blender... something like this: And my Code is - So i understand the function: [source lang="java"]view.identity(); target.x = position.x; target.y = position.y; target.z = 0; view.appendTranslation( -position.x, -position.y, -position.z); view.pointAt( target, at, up ); view.invert(); // at = 0,1,0 // up = 0,0,1 // Because Z is my UpVector[/source] So - When i move the camera i don't have a target camera - my map rotates and fly away I really don't understand the parameters for pointAt - Can somebody explain me how pointAt works? The Adobe Docu don't say many.... Big Thanks and sry for my bad english
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