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    Should one play games in order to make them?

    I do think that one should play good/games to make proper ones. My problem with that currently though is that I kinda stopped having fun playing games :S
  2. never used it, don't know whether it works on mobile but: link (the description kinda fits doesn't it? xD)
  3. fuerchter

    Implementing Component-Entity-Systems

    How would you suggest reacting to collisions in general? As it stands the logic is only supposed to be implemented in the systems if I got that right, but that would mean that the CollisionSystem for example would have to react to different entities/components in a different way (as they are colliding). Wouldn't that make the system unusable in a second project if it still contains code specific to the first project (and its entities)?   I am thinking about having the CollisionSystem call a virtual component onCollision method (similar to the way Unity does things, I think?), so the entities/components can define the collision reaction themselves. Is that a good approach to the problem or am I barking up the wrong tree? xD   (This seems to be a similar problem to this: link)
  4. fuerchter

    HexaPong (Prototype)

    Thanks for the feedback :D others have mentioned to me that the ball may be a little bit too slow as well, I will probably try tweaking that a little bit. Currently the ball only bounces back to the center of the screen when it hits the very outer edge of the level, the regular blocks are supposed to have realistic (still a little bit buggy) collision.   The idea of varying the speed of the ball is actually kind of interesting, I like that suggestion ;)
  5. fuerchter

    HexaPong (Prototype)

    HexaPong is a breakout game with the twist (no pun intended), that the player rotates a Hexagon in the middle of the screen in order to break the blocks. Besides that said blocks can cause the Hexagon edges to be deactivated (if the Ball hits a deactivated edge you lose). The game is still very much a prototype and there are some issues with the collision detection left but I feel that the main gameplay element is present in the current state. I have made a short gameplay video of the game. Our DevBlog is here. Download link Feel free to leave any suggestions/feedback!
  6. Hi there I've googled this topic for a bit but didn't come up with a good solution yet so I thought I might bring this up here: Is there a way to write custom keybinds for an options menu (e.g. there is an entry for "Up" in the game and you can then rebind it for whatever key you like: w, t, up, enter etc...). I guess the menu has to check every single key for whether it was pressed during the rebind? (also I'd like to then save each individual bind to a config file but I'm going to read up on how to do that myself ;) ). The same basically goes for entering a name, right? I mean, it also has to check every key and write the associated letter :S I've seen people do that by writing out every Key, but I guess thats no graceful solution? greetings //EDIT: Sorry for posting this ^^ I didn't know there was already a thread on this here -.-
  7. But the bounding box can't be angled, right? So when I rotate my sprite the bounding box is not accurate anymore. //EDIT: Thanks for the link though, I'll read through it ;)
  8. Hi there my project is in the attachments. I'm trying to write a basic dualstick shooter test. Unfortunately I only have the gamepad implemented right now, so testing things out might be hard for people that don't have an x360 controller (I'm attaching screenshots and video though to make matters a bit clearer). My problem at the moment is the collision detection. I have my sprite "arrow" drawn at an angle i calculate within the "Projectile" class but of course the Rectangle I use to draw the arrow (projectilebox) and to calculate the collision doesn't rotate with the sprite (as shown in the following screenshot): http://oi47.tinypic.com/aw5l5u.jpg Besides that the projectilebox itself drawn without any origin or angle values seems to be very far away from the actual arrow i draw. My collision detection at the moment basically consists of checking whether the hitbox of the ship (shipbox) intersects with the projectilebox, but as this is not in the proper position, the detection is way off :S So basically my question is: How do I align the projectilebox to properly fit to the sprite (arrow) I draw? btw: The controls for the executable are: LStick: move ship, RStick: aim, RShoulder: shoot CAUTION: As soon as the projectilebox hits the shipbox I make the game crash/freeze to be able to see where the box actually hit the ship (this is probably very bad programming, right? ) greetings //EDIT: Here is a video so you may be able to see it a bit more clearly:
  9. So basically according to that logic the ship should own both the crosshair and the projectile? //EDIT: I've tried restructure it with this idea in mind. The new version is in the attachments
  10. Hey there I have my project's solution attached. I'm still kind of a newbie with XNA and I thought just to test what I can do I'd try programming something like e.g. a dual stick shooter. What I've done until now is write it so you can move the ship (circle) with the left stick and the crosshair with the right stick and shoot a projectile with the right shoulder button. My problem at this stage is that the projectile class i have owns a crosshair object which in turn owns a ship object and I execute all my major stuff (like moving the ship, the crosshair or shooting) from this projectile class. This way of organizing my project seems to have made it impossible for me to create a second projectile which can be triggered (instead of the one I have now which just resets as soon as I hit the left shoulder button again). Is there any way to solve this problem or can anyone help me structure my project a bit better (making it more readable/maintainable). I don't know what I did wrong, should I have made some kind of design (like UML diagram or something) before I have gone to work on writing the program? greetings
  11. fuerchter

    Learning order?

    What good resources would you recommend? I mean I have seen a few here on the forums and in general and picked the following three: http://www.directxtu.../tutorials.aspx http://msdn.microsof...tx/default.aspx http://legalizeadult...phics-pipeline/ I would also really like some kind of reference I could go to like e.g. with C++: http://cplusplus.com/reference/ where i have the C Library the STL etc. Is there something similar for DirectX? //EDIT: Also I have seen some of the stuff in the books section but I'd actually want to start simple just with 2D, whereas most books seem to progress rather fast.
  12. fuerchter

    Learning order?

    Hi there I'm learning C++ at the moment (would still claim I'm a beginner) but I already thought a bit about what I want to do next. I took this route with the goal of programming DirectX some day, but I noticed many books people are suggesting around the internet seem to include the Windows SDK as well. So my question is: Is the Windows SDK a necessary prerequisite for me to learn the DirectX SDK. Do I in any way benefit from learning the Windows SDK before I start with the DirectX SDK? A rather basic question but I didn't actually find much on this topic (around the forums and on the interwebz) yet greetings
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