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  1. Hi there,   I have a simple query about marketing my Indie start up company.   I have registered my company and ABN (in Australia) as Radimoto Pty Ltd. I have also registered the domain name   I know I am pretty much locked down to using Radimoto Pty Ltd on the iOS App Store due to my company registration.   Thinking about naming when it comes to marketing.. would there be any issue to using "Radimoto Entertainment" or "Radimoto Games" in trailers, on the website.. etc...    Basically if I had different divisions (e.g. Entertainment, Education) within the company would it ok to promote each separate area as "Radimoto Entertainment" or "Radimoto Education" ? This would be for marketing only without registering another Company/ABN.   Any feedback would be appreciated.   Many thanks, Andrew
  2. Legal use of locations in games

    This is a lot to consider and I agree it really looks like a minefield. I'll think I'll proceed carefully and keep everything generic unless I have obtained permission or consulted a lawyer first. Many thanks to you both, I really appreciate the advice.
  3. I am an Indie game developer and I am currently developing some racing games. I would like to use real locations in my games and would like to know if anyone has any advice to offer? Some examples: 1) One game would use real stages from the World Rally Championship. For example - Rally Sweden, ideally with the use of real stage names such as Sagen, Fredriksberg and Vargasen. These stage names are usually named after the town in the area. 2) Another game would race through a real city such as London where ideally I would like to model the city including famous landmarks such as Trafalgar Square. For realism it would be great to include textures of shop fronts and famous landmarks. How far can I go with making this photorealistic - would I need permission to use known shopfronts in the game? Can I use all the streets/landmarks of London? 3) Can I use the actual race tracks in my games? e.g. Silverstone Circuit (UK), stages used in Rally Sweden or the roads of Monte Carlo. I would be modelling these myself using satellite maps. Many thanks in advance! Andrew