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  1. Hello guys. Sorry for my English in advance. In brief: I’d like to get my game characters outlined like in the game MyBrute (http://www.mybrutecheats.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/team-simulator.jpg) The character animation consists of a number of images that move around (it all works on OpenGLES2.0, iOS). I’d want to outline the animation dynamically while it’s playing, with all the moving parts. I’ve already tried: 1. To make a virtual texture out of the animation, then to get the information about this texture and make the stroke (but FPS goes down a lot), then to draw the texture in the scene. 2. To make a virtual texture out of the animation and then to use a pixel shader on it while rendering. I have noticed that drawing a texture lowers FPS by 10%, which is quite strange to me. Probably, someone could think of any solution? And why you think drawing a texture affects FPS so much? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. 2d animation - need advice?

    Thank you guys for the responses. I actually haven't drawn my characters yet. I'd want to define first the animation methods for them (that probably will determine their appearance in certain ways). Not exactly what I have in my head but maybe something similar: [url="http://ninjalooter.de/blog/wp-content/uploads/Gnom_Hexenmeister_T2_2.png"]http://ninjalooter.d...eister_T2_2.png[/url] Some of my characters will be covered in loose clothes like this - [url="http://thelifestream.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/sephiroth-copy-man-in-black.png"]http://thelifestream...an-in-black.png[/url] Just imagine the head and shoulders of this warrior combined with the cape below (so his anatomy is covered and you can use the same cape with another head plus hands). How would you animate him? Thank you again for your help!
  3. 2d animation - need advice?

    So, I have these vector, cartoon-like characters dressed in loose clothes with lots of folds (like cloaks, capes, mantles, etc.) What's the best way to animate them? It they were with a more revealed anatomy I would probably draw all parts of their bodies separately so to make joints for animation. But what if my characters wear this type of clothes I described above? Do I have to draw every single frame? Or probably I should model and animate them in 3d? The main problem is with the folds. I have to choose the most rational way because there is lots of animation to do. Thank you for any advice!
  4. Hello, I'm relatively new to animation and really need someone’s advice. So my task is to make dozens of animations for a game. It will be some kind of magicians, I think vector-styled (like this one - http://ru.depositphotos.com/4634394/stock-illustration-Magician.html) My question is what graphics software I should better use to draw and animate them? It is not necessarily should be vector-like graphics (it can be even 3d-like). The problem is that many of my characters will have cloaks, capes and other clothing on them that is not easy to animate. Should I draw every single frame or what is the most rational way (so I can cope with the task)? I think the style of the game will be most likely determined by what is technically easier. Thanks for any advice! (and sorry for my English:)
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