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  1. Direction Vector not working correctly

    Whats your movement code?
  2. simple c++ game

    If you want to do a project then do it. You have our permission
  3. Snap edit: downvotes for?
  4. Visual Studio 2012 ruined everything

    I had this issue. After installing SP1 for VS 2010 (or it was 2012? I forget) all my issues went away - but depends what error were you getting?
  5. Tablet for note Taking

    A bit Off topic, One thing I find hilarious, "My paper ran out of batteries!"
  6. Realistic Encouragement vs Trolling Tear-down

    Well. Sometimes people need that reality, theres much more to life than having things presented on a platter... just face it. To become good in anything, it takes sacrifice and its not all fun and games. (It doesn't stop you from enjoying the path you take however) Maybe Game Programming could even be its own Olympic Sport? Of course, I am not saying 'troll the shit out of them', but usually it's an answer that most don't want to hear.
  7. Realistic Encouragement vs Trolling Tear-down

    MrJoshL, some simple advice - Stop generalising.
  8. New User!

    Its almost like coming and saying "Hey guys I'm a writer, what should I write?" - this is your personal journey, taking someone elses route kills the fun out of it. [quote name='YASSImaN' timestamp='1345332538' post='4970950'] But where should I start if lets say I had the basics of C++ down and i didnt know anything about game development. [/quote] However thats getting a bit more to the point. Strengthen your knowledge in the c++ stl, learn how to debug and manage your memory. Also learn how to [b]design[/b]. Design is a MASSIVE part of programming, with a good design you can literally reduce thousands of lines to half, or set up future projects soo much quicker you get to work on the content and make other peoples lives easier if your on a team. From there on, read a begginer book, such as 'Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9' by Frank D. Luna, or if your after something like OpenGL - you can follow the NeHe tutorials (Althought last I checked they may be a bit outdated - but so is taking the DirectX9 path)
  9. Lighting in caves

    couldn't you just turn off ambient lighting when you go deeper in a cave? but turn it back on when you see exit/entrance? edit: If you want light coming in from the roof, use directional
  10. Well whats the main driving factor in a game? Interaction! So make an 'interaction/entity' class, and eventually work your way down to the Player, AI, Interactable Objects. And add scripted events for story (Script in LUA, custom script, Python)
  11. count++ & infinite loop

    [quote name='SiCrane' timestamp='1345119916' post='4970131'] [quote name='dimitri.adamou' timestamp='1345117054' post='4970116'] no its not. True, you assigning it 0 but then you increment it by 1. [/quote] In Java, both sides of a non-short circuit binary operator are fully evaluated, including side effects, before the operator is applied. In this case it means that count is incremented [i]before[/i] assignment occurs, not after. [/quote] thank you that makes more sense.
  12. count++ & infinite loop

    [quote name='eppo' timestamp='1345107051' post='4970096'] The result of the expression 'count++' is the value of count [i]before[/i] incrementing it (0). So a repeated 'count = count++' is basically the same as saying 'count = 0'. 'count = ++count' would give the expected result, although there is no point in assigning count's value to itself. [/quote] no its not. True, you assigning it 0 but then you increment it by 1.
  13. count++ & infinite loop

    To be honest, I'm not sure why [b]count = count++;[/b] isn't working (even though you should only write it as count++). It looks like it could be language specific behaviour What should happen is count is assigned the value of count, then it is incremented by 1. count = count++ //1 count = count++ //2 I'm interested as to why this isn't true in java
  14. is there supposed to be a particular width? Otherwise before this condition will pass, it needs pixel perfect accuracy [code] if((mouseX>trackingposX[i]&&mouseX<trackingposX[i]+WIDTH)&&(mouseY>trakingposY[k]&&mouseY<trakingposY[k]+HEIGHT)) [/code] *edited to add: I just noticed Neverending_Loop has k+1 for the second traack, my bad
  15. Finally, some progress!

    @fanwars, I can't wait to get to that stage It makes you feel special when you actual understand what they write instead of saying "Oh yeah...". Baby steps really do help. @3Ddreamer, yeah I don't know why I never just did it in the beggining. I'm glad I finally 'broke the water' (so to say lol) Speaking of Chess I've always wanted to try that to Am I suddenly gonna become a Nike figure head? Thanks for reading guys! I can't wait to get back into it, time for work