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  1. java3d

    Java game engine.

    I already know jmnokey but for my laptop with 1.4 opengl is not a good idea.Is there a other 3d engines?
  2. java3d

    Java game engine.

    I am searching for a game engine for java.
  3. I have a shape3d loaded from a obj file.I whant to set the collision bounds in the shape of the object how to do this?
  4. How i can load the textures in java 3d?I tried several times but so far I have only colored the objects in some random color. TextureLoader loader = new TextureLoader("rujda.bmp",this); Texture3D brick = (Texture3D)loader.getTexture(); TextureAttributes ta = new TextureAttributes(); Appearance ap = new Appearance(); ap.setTextureAttributes(ta); ap.setTexture(brick);
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